Congressional Pharmacy Caucus

Independent community pharmacies face enormous challenges in maintaining their economic viability because of unfair standards for PBM audits of pharmacies, which have become more of a bounty hunting expedition for large corporate PBMs looking to make fast money from small independent pharmacies; legislation that makes it more difficult for Medicare beneficiaries to continue to obtain diabetes testing supplies from small pharmacies; and the current competitive marketplace for the delivery of pharmacy services.

These specific challenges are not due to natural changes in the free market, but because of preventable obstacles that create a hostile business environment for community pharmacies. Most importantly is the negative repercussion this has for patient health and access to these trusted health care providers' services and the prescription drugs they dispense, especially in underserved rural and urban communities where other health care options are much more limited and expensive.

The Caucus' efforts extend beyond pushing for passage of legislation to include educating their colleagues and the public about the value of community pharmacies to our health care system.