Health Insurance Exchanges

A priority for the National Community Pharmacist Association (NCPA) is to closely monitor the impacts to the entire NCPA membership during the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). A key component of the PPACA is the implementation of state based Health Insurance Exchanges. The proposed goal for these Exchanges is to offer Americans competition, and a level and transparent playing field to choose an ideal insurance option from. When completed a state exchange should be a centralized system where individuals, families and small businesses can compare and purchase health insurance.

Each state must have an operational exchange by 2014. If a particular state does not appear to be on schedule for reaching this requirement the federal government reserves the authority to step in and operate an exchange under its own preferences. As of August 2011 states reported a range of progress regarding their implementation of Health Information Exchanges. This range represents those states with enacted Exchanges established to those states without any notable action.

States have much latitude in the way these exchanges are developed but all states must follow some federal guidelines. NCPA understands that this development must be monitored carefully to insure the interest of community pharmacy is taken into consideration.

The following links will take you to an overview of the relevant issues surrounding the state exchanges, an NCPA model state exchange act that addresses key pharmacy concerns as well as comments submitted to OCIIO by NCPA regarding the exchanges.