NCPA Legislative Action Center

The NCPA Legislative Action Center puts you in the driver's seat. Take action on the top issues facing community pharmacy, contact your elected officials, see where they stand on our issues, and access a wealth of knowledge on the workings of Capitol Hill.

It is simple and easy using our tools and resources. You are an active link with Members of Congress and the NCPA Government Affairs staff in Washington. You are a local leader that legislators are inclined to listen to. No one can replace your authentic grassroots voice. You will help put a local face on national and state issues, and that is unique.

Action Alerts
NCPA needs members to become involved in our conversations with elected officials in Washington. Every elected official must stand for election locally and your unique opinions as a concerned local business person carry great weight. Please take action today!

Locate Your Elected Officials
It is easy to identify your elected officials. All you need is your home zip code, go online to find your information.

Grassroots Toolkit
Anyone can be an active grassroots participant for community pharmacy. Click here for more ways to be involved.

Sponsor a Pharmacy Visit
Inviting your member of Congress or your state legislator to make a personal tour of your pharmacy makes a strong lasting impression and speaks volumes about our profession and our issues. It also establishes your position as a subject matter expert and a resource for the legislator. So, consider using this powerful tool as soon as possible.

Please contact NCPA government affairs at (703) 683-8200 if you have a visit scheduled or if you need help to set up a future pharmacy tour. More information can be found here.

Meet With Your Elected Officials
At home or in DC, develop a relationship with Congressional staff. The relationships you develop with staff can be an important step in positioning you to becoming valued advisers for pharmacy issues

As in your ordinary business and social life, a personal visit has more immediate impact and more lasting impression than an email. Every member of Congress has at least one local office in the district they represent, and most have several.

It's easy, just call a district office to set up an appointment to meet with your elected representative when they are in town. Getting an appointment is easier if you have already established a relationship with the district staff. If you are visiting Washington, D.C., call ahead and set up an appointment to visit your legislators in their congressional offices. They appreciate you sharing your views with them.

Contribute to the Legal Defense Fund (LDF)
The LDF funds our national and state government affairs activities on your behalf. Legislative campaigns can be quite costly. A fully-funded Government Affairs operation is necessary to turn the tide in your favor and will cost over $2 million a year. Your continued and renewed support is greatly appreciated. Please give as much as possible. Click here to donate.