Tips on Purchasing Decisions

By Rich McKeon, MBA, McKesson Alternate Site Pharmacy Solutions

Following is an excerpt from a Marketplace Experts column recently published in McKnight’s Long term Care News, for the full article, please click the link at the bottom of the page:

Rising drug costs and declining reimbursements significantly impact profits, and long-term care pharmacies today have to do more with less. Most pharmacies spend a significant portion of their total budget on drug acquisition, so it's no surprise that a core component of success revolves around making the right purchasing decisions.

By analyzing data from reports generated from routine purchasing decisions, you can gain valuable insights to identify potential savings and opportunities for new revenue streams. Review the following four steps to better understand your purchasing decisions, the impact of industry trends and how data can improve your bottom line.


About the author: Rich McKeon is Vice President of the McKesson Alternate Site Pharmacy business. For more information about long-term care and alternate site pharmacy solutions, call McKesson at 800-571-2889, email at, or visit