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why your investment matters

PBMs feel the heat for the first time. You won't believe what they do next!

What they do is—with more media scrutiny on their operating model than ever before—they come up with a well-funded strategy for blaming others for rising prescription drug costs. Then...their game plan is leaked to the public.

We always knew they were well-funded. But now we know their plan. We know the spin they'll spew to the media. We know the elected officials they'll court (and contribute to) in hopes of diverting attention from the fact that PBMs aren't the solution to the problem of rising drug costs and reduced patient choice—they're a big part of the problem.

Knowing the other team's game plan is helpful. But we can't counter their plan without sufficient funding to execute our own plan.

That's where you come in. You need to invest in the NCPA Legislative/Legal Defense Fund. The LDF is the engine that fuels our entire advocacy operation. You can read more about what we do HERE. And you can invest HERE—Consider $100 a month. More, if you're able. Less is okay, too. Just invest something.

Don't wait. Do your part. Support your association's LDF. And you won't believe what we'll be able to do next!