NCPA Political Action Committee (PAC)

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As we all know, it takes political contributions to be successful in Congress. We also know we are in a fight for our survival. For community pharmacy to really make its voice heard in Washington, NCPA's Political Action Committee, NCPAPAC, needs your support now more than ever.

Our goal is achievable, but it takes you to make it happen. All that's needed is $50 a month. Think of it as taking your business out to dinner. Isn't your business worth the cost of one inexpensive dinner each month? Added together with your fellow pharmacists' contributions, your $50 monthly contribution could make us one of the 50 most powerful political organizations on Capitol Hill.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that someone else will make a contribution for you. The future of your pharmacy depends on your participation. If just 1,000 pharmacists will do this, our organization's clout will grow exponentially.

July 2016 NCPA PAC Update
2015 Political report
December 2015 PAC Update
PAC Infographic


  • First national pharmacy PAC
  • First pharmacy PAC to be included in the Top 50 Trade Association PACs
  • First pharmacy PAC to raise $225,000 in a two-year cycle
  • First pharmacy PAC to hold a major event at a national association convention
  • First national pharmacy PAC to hold a fundraising event featuring members of the House and Senate

The NCPAPAC motto rings true today: "Get into politics or get out of pharmacy." Here are just some of the reasons: PBM regulation, Any Willing Pharmacy Legislation, Medicaid cuts, and negotiating rights for pharmacists and other independent health care providers.