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NCPA Elective Rotation in Association Management
Would you like to learn more about pharmacy association work? Do you have an interest in pharmacy ownership and entrepreneurship? If you answered yes to either of these questions, an Elective APPE Rotation in Association Management at NCPA may be right for you!

An rotation at NCPA provides an experience that demonstrates the importance of a national pharmacy association to the profession and provides students with the opportunity to become more aware of the vast opportunities that exist in independent community pharmacy practice.

Interested? Click here to visit the NCPA website for an FAQ document and application. The deadline to apply is quickly approaching on December 31, 2012.

NCPA Foundation Summer Internship Program
The deadline for the NCPA 2012 Summer Internship is quickly approaching! Work on your application over winter break for this excellent opportunity to experience life at a national pharmacy association while also learning more about the many opportunities that exist in independent community pharmacy practice.

The NCPA Foundation Summer Intern will spend 10 weeks at NCPA headquarters, beginning in May or June (start date is flexible) and will receive a stipend. For more information and an application, please visit the NCPA website at or contact NCPA student affairs for questions.

NCPA Executive Residency in Association Management
Are you preparing to graduate in May? Are you searching for post-graduate residency opportunities? Do you have an interest in pharmacy association management and independent community pharmacy? Look no further! The NCPA Executive Residency in Association Management is a springboard into a career of association work. Pharmacy school curriculum is extensive, but an NCPA Executive Residency distinguishes you from your fellow graduates by opening up new and rewarding opportunities for you in a number of areas. Interested? Visit the NCPA website at for more information and an application.

Questions? Please contact the current NCPA Executive Resident, Whitney Cowart, PharmD at The deadline to apply is January 15, 2013 so get started on your application today!

NCPA National Student Leadership Council
Attention all student leaders: Do not miss the opportunity to apply for a national student leadership position on NCPA's National Student Leadership Council (SLC)! The SLC is comprised of 16 student members who each complete a two-year term; the first as a Junior Member and the second as a Senior member. Multiple students from a school or college of pharmacy may apply each year, but only one may be appointed from that school or college. All SLC members must have held an office on the chapter level and all must be current national student members of NCPA.

The goal of the SLC is to support the development of future leaders in community pharmacy and to recognize student pharmacists who have a strong interest in entrepreneurship and pursuing a career in community pharmacy. The SLC supports the Director of Student Affairs at NCPA in providing the student pharmacist perspective when developing programs for NCPA student members. Questions? Contact your regional SLC representatives or Student Affairs at Additional information and an application can be found at The deadline to apply for a position on the SLC is January 31, 2013.

NCPA Outstanding Student Member of the Year Award
Each active NCPA student chapter may nominate one NCPA Chapter member for NCPA Outstanding Student Member of the Year. This individual must be an active member of NCPA who has contributed to the continued success of their NCPA student chapter. Each recipient will receive a certificate from the NCPA Foundation in recognition of this award to be presented to the student at an appropriate awards ceremony at their School/College of Pharmacy. Click here to download an application form. Nomination forms are due on or before March 1, 2013.

10 Ideas for Promoting Independent Community Pharmacy Promoting independent community pharmacy within your School/College of Pharmacy and your community is an important component of any active NCPA student chapter. Below are ten ideas from current NCPA student chapters used in the fall semester to promote community pharmacy.

1) Invite a local pharmacy owner to speak to your chapter about their pharmacy and experiences as a pharmacy owner. Use NCPA's Ambassador Program to locate an owner near your School/College of Pharmacy who would be willing to make a visit. Contact to identify NCPA members in your area. If you already have a local pharmacy owner who visits your chapter, reach out to additional owners and start an independent pharmacy speaker series at your chapter meetings. Invite non-NCPA members to attend and learn more about pharmacy ownership.

2) Schedule a pharmacy tour to a local independent pharmacy in your town. Contact a local pharmacy owner and ask if they would be willing to provide a tour of the pharmacy to a group of students who would like to learn more about their unique pharmacy services. Ask the pharmacist what size group is manageable and break down the tour into smaller groups and/or visit multiple pharmacies if a large number of students are interested. After the pharmacy tour, schedule a fun outing, such as mini golf or brunch, with your chapter members! After you visit one pharmacy, make it a goal to schedule more throughout the semester at different locations!

UT students

3) Host a Community Pharmacy Residency Panel. Invite past-residents of local community pharmacy residency programs to offer information on their programs, the process of obtaining a residency, their experiences while going through the program, and how the residency prepared them for their current role.

4) There are over 23,000 independent community pharmacies in the United States. At each chapter meeting "spotlight" a different independent community pharmacy. Discuss the unique qualities of that pharmacy and how it serves the community. America's Pharmacist, NCPA's monthly publication, can help you indentify new pharmacies to discuss for each meeting, or choose a local pharmacy in your community and interview the pharmacy owner(s), pharmacists and staff!

5) Attend the NCPA Annual Convention in Orlando, FL in October 2013. Learn about pharmacy ownership and the most important issues affecting community pharmacy by sitting in on student-specific programming, attending general sessions and continuing education sessions, watching the live Business Plan Competition, participating in the Community Pharmacy Residency Showcase, presenting a poster on a chapter project or the business plan your chapter submitted to the Business Plan Competition, and most importantly, socializing and networking with your peers and pharmacy owners! It's never too early to start fundraising to attend Convention. Decide on a spring fundraiser that will contribute to your Convention travel fund!

6) Partner with a local community pharmacy to provide health screenings, brown bag sessions, drug disposal events, and/or other health care services. Contact NCPA for a Health Fair "How to" guide. Send announcements to local newspapers/radio stations and pass out flyers to encourage attendance at your event.

7) Host a pinning ceremony where each new NCPA officer or member is provided with an NCPA enamel lapel pin to wear on their white coat. See the student section of the NCPA website under Student Chapter Resources for a pin order form. Invite an NCPA owner member to speak at the ceremony and talk about their experience with pharmacy ownership and NCPA.


8) Host a pot luck dinner with your chapter members and listen to archived NCPA Members Forums. The monthly NCPA Members Forum is a live discussion series on topics of interest to pharmacists and small business owners provided to you by NCPA staff and relevant experts. Audio files of the Forums are located on the NCPA website along with relevant handouts. Learn something new about community pharmacy and socialize at the same time!

9) Host a Meet and Greet with local community pharmacy owners and student pharmacists at your School/College of Pharmacy to directly mingle with pharmacy owners and learn about the pathway to ownership. Include a reception for the attendees and invite a guest speaker to address the group.

10) Write an article for your School/College of Pharmacy Newsletter about a community service project or event hosted by your NCPA student chapter. You may even want to create your own NCPA Student Chapter Newsletter to highlight your chapter's participation in community service projects, promote local independent pharmacies, and announce dates for upcoming events, etc. For an example of a current Student Chapter Newsletter from an NCPA Student Chapter, contact NCPA student affairs at


December 20, 2012

Dates & Deadlines

December 31, 2012
NCPA APPE Elective Rotation in Association Management Application Deadline

January 15, 2013
NCPA Foundation Summer Internship Application Deadline
NCPA Executive Residency in Association Management Deadline

January 31, 2013
National Student Leadership Council Application Deadline
Chapter Midterm Report Deadline

March 1, 2013
NCPA Outstanding Student Member of the Year Award Deadline

Has Your Chapter Completed a Successful Chapter Project?
Share a brief description of your successful chapter project and the results of your efforts in your school and/or community. We want to recognize NCPA student chapters for their outstanding efforts and share your ideas and success stories with other NCPA student chapters. Contact NCPA Student Affairs at to share your story to be posted in the Chapter Highlights section of the NCPA website.

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