Independent Pharmacy Today

Community pharmacy not only represents a significant portion of the United States' health care delivery system but independent community pharmacists are also among the most accessible and trusted sources of health care for many patients across the country. As medication experts, independent community pharmacists provide counsel on the treatment of a variety of health related concerns and reduce overall costs by helping to ensure that patients consistently take their medications and by referring them to generic treatment options when they are available.

  • Independent pharmacy: $81.4 billion marketplace
  • Independent pharmacy prescription sales: $74.9 billion
  • Independents dispense 1.38 billion prescriptions annually
  • Prescription medicines are our business: 92% of annual sales are Rx medicines
  • Average independent pharmacy sales: $3.62 million
  • Average prescription sales: $3.35 million
  • Average number of prescriptions per pharmacy: 61,568 annually, 201 per day
  • Independent Ownership
    • Over 26% of independent owners have ownership in two or more pharmacies
    • Overall, the average independent owns 1.69 pharmacies
  • Independent pharmacies offer a wide range of patient services
    • The top services offered in 2014 were: delivery (78%), patient charge accounts (77%), compounding (65%), durable medical goods (56%), immunizations (71%).
  • Staffing in independent pharmacies
    • Average independent employs 2.7 FTE pharmacists (including owner)
    • Average independent employs 3.5 FTE technicians
  • Generic drug utilization
    • 80% of drugs dispensed by independent pharmacies are generics