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Bill Morrissey

Pharmacist: Bill Morrissey, Pharm.D.

Pharmacy: Kilgore's Medical Pharmacy

City, State: Columbia, Missouri

How many years have you been practicing as a pharmacist? 19 years, I obtained my Doctoral Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Nebraska Medical Center

What led you to a career in independent pharmacy?
I am from a small town in rural Nebraska. My family owned and operated a small business, a Sears Catalog store. I wanted to go into a profession where I could utilize my small town values of taking care of people and doing the right thing to benefit others. Working at an independent community pharmacy was where I was able to deliver that service. It was a good fit for me.

What community activities are you involved with?
I serve on the Woodhaven Board of Directors which is a community program that helps adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities succeed in the community. I am part of the Columbia Jaycees, an organization that gives young people between the ages of 21 and 40 the tools they need for success in business, management, community service, and international connections. I attend the Broadway Christian Church, coach my kid's sports teams, and attend various fundraising events for community programs that we sponsor.

What positions have you held, or currently hold, within the pharmacy profession?
I started as a staff pharmacist, became a partner of Kilgore's Medical Pharmacy, and am now President of the company.

What makes your pharmacy standout from the competition?
We are a high volume pharmacy with a small town feel. We focus on personalized service, maintain a “yes” attitude, and always go above and beyond for our patients. We have a great staff who will always do the most to get the patient what they need, even if it not from us. Kilgore's has also established a respectable reputation in the community; we've worked with many providers over the years and maintain good professional relationships with them.

How did you ensure your staff was ready to offer the services you wished to provide?
We ensure that the pharmacy staff is ready through proper communication and training, seeking out resources from fellow pharmacies that have been successful implementing the service and can provide insight. Also, resources from Pharmacy organizations like NCPA have been very helpful.

What are your biggest challenges?
Right now rising generic costs and lower reimbursements from pharmacy benefit managers is our main challenge and keeping up with all the government regulations and ensuring compliance. Taking care of the patients is the easy; the hard part is jumping through the hoops to get them what they need.

Describe a recent, rewarding experience with a patient:
One morning, I was running on my treadmill at 6:45 AM and received a phone call from a patient. This long time customer lives close by and we know each other well through our interactions at the pharmacy. He was having problems with his insulin and his insulin device. I got off treadmill, got ready for work; called the pharmacy to make sure the other pharmacists would be okay if I was late, and went over to the patient's house. The patient had been coached on the use of his insulin and testing supplies at the doctor's office and at the pharmacy when he picked up his supplies; yet he was using his penneedle as a lancet. I made sure that he fully understood how to use all of his supplies before leaving. The fact that the patient trusted me enough to call and ask for assistance was a very rewarding feeling and I was happy to help.

How has NCPA helped your business?
NCPA has always kept us up to date on government issues, laws, and regulations. One of the most helpful things is the Simplify My Meds resources provided for FREE to members. Since starting this program over a year ago, we've really increased adherence for our complex patients. We have not had any patients voluntarily remove themselves from the program.