Preview of Dispose My Meds

PDPThe NCPA Foundation prescription disposal program offers Dispose My Meds information and resources for pharmacies to create medication disposal programs to help their patients safely dispose of unused and expired medicines that may be dangerous to others and to the environment. An expansion of the Protect Your Pharmacy Now! initiative, this members-only benefit is designed to help community independent pharmacies protect their patients and the environment while potentially attracting new patients through a low-cost, turn-key program.

Dispose My Meds provides members with a valuable service that their patients want, which may result in increased foot traffic, new patients, and marketing opportunities for the pharmacy. In fact, past medication return programs around the country have found that as many as 40-49 percent of customers returning medications for disposal were from other pharmacies, presenting a tremendous opportunity for customer conversion while making a difference for your community with a safe solution to improper drug disposal and potential drug misuse. Log-in for more information.

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