October 3rd Tweet-a-Thon: Pharmacists Helping Patients

Tweet a Thon!Pharmacists around the world participated in a day of celebrating their contributions to health care and our communities on October 3, 2013. Members of more than 50 international, U.S., and state pharmacy associations and more than 20 other pharmacy entities tweeted about the real things they were doing that day to help patients, other health professionals, and their communities using the hashtag #Pharmacist.

More than 7,000 tweets were posted on October 3, 2013 using the hashtag #Pharmacist, for an average of nearly 300 tweets per hour and more than 4.9 million impressions that day. #Pharmacist was the number one trending health care hashtag that day, according to Symplur.

Tweeters posted about a wide variety of patient-focused activities that day, such as administering immunizations, preparing compounded medications, alerting doctors to potential adverse effects, finding copay cards or discounts for patients' medications, teaching patients how to use medications or equipment, preventing dosage mistakes, and helping patients save money by switching to generic medications. Patients chimed in too about how their favorite pharmacist helps them save money or answers their questions.



A Tweet-a-Thon is an online event on Twitter where participants focus their tweet content for a specific time period on a particular issue.

On Thursday, October 3, 2013, thousands of pharmacists across the country and around the world tweeted about the real things they were doing that day to help patients, other health care professionals, and their communities.

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