Interviews from June 2015 Specialty Forum

The following short interviews were completed at the NCPA Specialty Forum with a variety of industry leaders. Watch to learn how they think independent pharmacies can contribute to the care of patients who require specialty medications and improve financial and clinical outcomes for all stakeholders.

There are several companies that are assisting pharmacies with the capabilities of providing the services of a specialty pharmacy through their retail pharmacy locations. Below are interviews with three of those companies.

Mike Nameth-Aureus

Nike Calla-Cardinal, Part 1

Nick Calla-Cardinal, Part 2

Rinku Patel-KloudScript, Part 1

Rinku Patel-KloudScript, Part 2

There are several companies offering specialty pharmacy accreditation for those pharmacies interested in pursuing such a designation. Hear from leaders of four of these organizations in the videos below.

Andy Maddigan-ACHC

Lynnae Mahaney-CPPA

Sandy Canally-The Compliance Team

Heather Bonome-URAC

Lastly, hear from a pharmacy consultant and a current pharmacy owner and leader in a variety of pharmacy associations on their thoughts of the Forum and of independent’s opportunity in the care of patients on specialty medications.

Ron Lanton-True North PS, Part 1

Ron Lanton-True North PS, Part 2

Theresa Tolle-Bay Street Pharmacy, Part 1

Theresa Tolle-Bay Street Pharmacy, Part 2