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The Magic of Counter and Floor Displays

Let's say you purchase three each of four different sunscreens and place them on a shelf side by side, three deep. Display them in either a seasonal or a skin care department and you will most likely have six left at the end of the summer season. But if you use a floor display with the same product, holding 48 pieces at the same retails and placed within 15 feet of the pharmacy counter, at the end of the season you will have two pieces left. Why? It's display magic.

First, let's talk about where there is no magic. Twelve bottles of sunscreen on a shelf displayed four wide leaves little or no impression; the product just sits there, hoping it will get noticed. The six you sold were when six different customers asked if you carry sunscreen. The magic is in the displays! Showing 48 pieces in one place screams "We are here! We have plenty because plenty of people want us!" The colorful displays says "Sunscreen Headquarters" — buy it when it's hot. Displays have the magic of self-promotion and generate impulse sales. Then the magic stops at the last two pieces. Why? Because displays with two pieces left now shout "We have been picked over; what you see are leftovers." Purchase your displays, and when you have only a few remaining products left, either reorder or remerchandise.

— Gabe Trahan, NCPA Senior Director of Store Operations and Marketing

Front-End Overhaul

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