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4 Quick & Easy Ways to Boost Sales During Flu Season

  • Let patients know you care: Put a good tip list for flu survival on your website and share it on social media. Indicate that patients can pick up flu prevention & relief items at your pharmacy (create end-caps for each).

  • If you are giving immunizations to younger kids, have superhero, Barbie or other children's Band-Aids on hand to take the sting out—particularly brands you carry in your front end.

  • Every employee should remind customers that your pharmacy offers flu shots. Conversely, every flu shot patient should be told how easy it is to transfer prescriptions to your store. (Think about it: If you give 200 flu shots a season, chances are good that not all 200 individuals fill their prescriptions at your pharmacy.)

  • Flu season is a great time to remind people about your delivery services. When delivering Tamiflu, see if they need any OTCs (lozenges, cough syrup, Pedialyte, etc.).

— Gabe Trahan, NCPA Senior Director of Store Operations and Marketing

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