Is Your Pharmacy NICE Enough?

Introducing the Best of Pharmacy:

 The NCPA Innovation Center Excellence Awards 2018

The NCPA Innovation Center is spotlighting the best of community pharmacy branding and marketing—the innovations and redesigns that have made promotions more effective and patients' experiences more rewarding.

The NCPA Innovation Center accepted nominations for the following award categories:

  • Best External Remodel - 2018 Winner: Centralia Pharmacy, Centralia, Wash.
    From landscaping and paint jobs to entire rebuilds, how did you improve your curb appeal?

  • Best Internal Remodel - 2018 Winner: Skywalk Pharmacy, New Berlin, Wis.
    Maybe you moved the pharmacy department. Maybe you created a compression section. Whatever your remodel project, how did it enhance your image and sales?

  • Best End-Cap - 2018 Winner: Stephens Pharmacy, Honesdale, Penn.
    End-caps can be the highest revenue-producing section of your store. Do you have the best of the best?

  • Best Exterior Sign - 2018 Winner: Davies Drugs, Canton, Ohio
    Roadside signs draw attention to your store. Have a new one you're proud of? Enter it to see if it's the best of the best.

  • Best Advertising/Marketing Promotion - 2018 Winner: AXIS Pharmacy Northwest, Mountlake Terrace, Wash.
    'Buy One, Get One' sales are boring. What great promotion did you run that you want to tell everyone else about?

  • Best Social Media Campaign - 2018 Winner: Love Oak Pharmacy, Eastland, Texas
    Are all of those hours 'wasted' on social media paying off with new customers and more sales? Tell us about it!

  • Best Public Event - 2018 Winner: Petricone's Torrington Pharmacy, Torrington, Conn.
    Community pharmacists are great at getting out from behind the counter to participate in local events. Bring us your best story and we may just bring you a NICE Award.

  • Best Customer Convenience Improvement - 2018 Winner: Good Day Pharmacy, Loveland, Colo.
    Americans love convenience. We take hard processes and make them simpler, such as curbside delivery for patients who have trouble walking into the pharmacy. Do you have a great example of how you've made life easier for your customers?

Thank you to all who submitted great entries this year! We will recognize the NICE-est entries in the March 2018 issue of America's Pharmacist.

Missed the deadline this year? We hope you make big improvements next year and submit them for the 2019 NICE Awards. Look for nomination information in late 2018.

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