The Ownership Academy is a "go-to" resource for NCPA members in all phases of community pharmacy ownership—from exploring the community pharmacy path as a student to tools assisting in pharmacy purchase, enhancing practice and profitability as an owner, and transitioning out of ownership into retirement.

This one-stop source provides valuable information and networking with successful pharmacists and professional advisors to facilitate ownership, enhance your success, and solve problems.

  • Students: Find out about community pharmacy, communicate, and find professional resources.
  • Buyers: Access a comprehensive tool package to help you become a community pharmacy owner.
  • Owners: Tools for growth will help you become more efficient and successful in your community pharmacy.
  • Sellers: All the resources to help you sell your pharmacy and stay connected to the profession.
  • NCPA Members Forums: The NCPA Members Forum webinar series presents timely information on topics important to community pharmacy owners, pharmacy staff and aspiring owners.
  • e-Prescribing: Surescripts supports opportunities for community pharmacists to improve care, increase efficiency and reduce costs with e-prescribing and new capabilities, expanding the role of pharmacists.
  • NCPA Financial Ratio Calculators: Resources which are designed to keep you PROFITABLE.
  • Pharmacy Quality Measurement Resources: References for pharmacy practice.
  • Customer Satisfaction Marketing Materials:Templates for marketing materials to help your patients understand the value of your services and create customer loyalty.