Benefits of NCPA Membership

"An idea can spark change and NCPA provides new and innovative ideas that take pharmacy to a new level."
- Jesus Saenz, RPh
Saenz Medical Center

NCPA members are some of the most successful pharmacy owners in the country. If you already own a pharmacy and are looking for ways to improve your bottom line or if you are interested in owning your own pharmacy, join NCPA and experience everything that we have to offer.

NCPA benefits and programs include:
Membership Brochure

Simplify My Meds®
This free turnkey adherence program provides NCPA members with tools, training, and marketing support implement a medication synchronization program.

Exclusive Regulatory and Legislative Updates
NCPA fights for the nation's 22,000 independent pharmacises and their patients because pharmacists play a vital role in health care.

Capital One® Spark Business®
With the Spark® Cash credit card, our members will earn unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase—plus, there is no annual fee to use your card!

Member Communications
NCPA keeps an eye on the news, trends, and regulatory, legislative, and legal issues affecting pharmacy.

Digital Pharmacist Platform
Exclusive social media support and enhancements

Discounts on Meetings, Education and Networking Opportunities and more
NCPA Conferences
Members enjoy significant discounts on registration to all of our meetings.

Front–End Overhaul
Members have access to a library of resources, training, and unique products to help them maximize pro the competition.

Continuing Education
Members receive access to continuing education programs and training on a variety of subjects.

Ulta Labs
Give patients access to hundreds of comprehensive health screenings and lab tests.

Member Discounts on Publications
Staff training publications and niche service training manuals are available through the NCPA Bookstore.

Matters of Health
A consumer health magazine sent at no cost to member pharmacies that will help pharmacists continue health conversations with patients.

Pharmacy $avings Book
We hope you take advantage of the offers in this book and recognize the added value to your NCPA membership.

NCPA Digest sponsored by Cardinal Health
A summary of selected financial and demographic information that helps members evaluate their business and illustrate the value independent pharmacies provide to their patients

Member Forums
The forums are monthly live colleague-to-colleague discussions on topics of interest to you as an independent pharmacy owners and staff.

Dispose My Meds™
The program offers a discount on the purchase of a takeaway box, as well as information and resources or pharmacies to create a disposal program.

Companion Care Counseling™
NCPA members now have access to training in the Companion Care Counseling™ program offered by Vaya Pharma.

NCPA Professional Services
Call NCPA toll-free to get personalized answers for your business and operations questions.