Don't Pay Full Price for Ink & Toner!
Save up to 44% off of big name prices

NCPA recently contracted with Provider Services of America ("PSA"), the marketing arm of the largest ink & toner manufacturing company in the U.S., to develop a proprietary and quality ink & toner program for member pharmacies throughout the country.

NCPA members will now be able to purchase first-quality ink, toner & drum cartridges directly from the manufacturer without having to pay the significantly higher prices demanded by the big box stores. These cartridges are not used "drill & fill" products, but rather new cartridges that include all new certified parts that meet the specifications of the manufacturers (e.g., Lexmark, HP, Dell, Canon, Brother).

Through the IRTR Ink & Toner website that has been customized for NCPA members, you will be able to purchase their Original Equipment Manufacturer ("OEM") equivalent cartridges or their Value Plus cartridges at significant savings.

Use the cost savings code NCPA1898 to enter the site as an NCPA member

IRTR Ink & Toner carries most of the ink, toner, and drum cartridges for all of the major manufacturers of printers, copiers, and fax machines. The above website reflects those cartridges that are most often used by NCPA member pharmacies.

If your cartridge or drum is not listed on the home page of featured products, click on one of the tabs listed at the top of the home page (Brother, Dell, Canon, HP, Lexmark, etc.) to access a more comprehensive listing of those cartridges.

If you cannot find your particular ink, toner or drum cartridge on this website, please call customer service at 800-269-0872 and IRTR Ink & Toner will find your product and give you a price. Then, going forward, that item will be added to the website for your future use.

Check out the website above to start taking advantage of these exclusive NCPA member savings for your business.