NCPA’s Digital Pharmacist Solution powered by RxWiki

The Importance of Digital

Fifty percent of digital refills come from a mobile app. For the big chains, that's more than one refill every second. And your patients (including the older ones) are looking for health information online and from social media. Over the last 12 months, people searched "prescription drugs" the same number of times as they searched "president".


FREE NCPA Member Benefit

NCPA chose to partner with RxWiki, the industry's leading digital marketing provider for pharmacies, to provide its members with free social media management services. RxWiki posts health news updates and featured stories written by a licensed pharmacists so your patients will get accurate and useful information and keep coming back to you for more.

To learn why 3,800 NCPA members are already using this service and to get set up with this program, go to or speak with one of RxWiki's Membership Representatives at (877) 959-7550.

Comprehensive Digital Engagement Solutions for Your Pharmacy

While social media is a fantastic step in the right direction, it is only the tip of the iceberg in regards to the groundbreaking tools provided through the Digital Pharmacist program.

RxWiki can help you compete with the big box pharmacies and help you grow your revenue with branded mobile apps, websites, and e-newsletters, which allow your patients to refill prescriptions online, stay up-to-date on your business, and become better overall customers. To learn more about the program, call an RxWiki Membership Representative at (877) 959 7550.

Be sure to also check out RxWiki's white paper, 7 Compelling Reasons to Become a Digital Pharmacist Today, and sign up for the RxWiki e-newsletter to learn how other pharmacists like you are using the Digital Pharmacist Program to drive revenue growth for their pharmacy.