How to Be Prepared When the DEA Comes Knocking on Your Pharmacy Door

Tuesday, October 13, 2015, 9:45 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.
Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center
Continuing Education Credits: 0.15 (1.5 Contact Hours)
ACPE #: 207-000-15-128-L04-P and ACPE #: 207-000-15-128-L04-T

In a good percentage of pharmacies across the U.S. there are inadvertent record-keeping violations that could cause fines to potentially put a pharmacy out of business. This session will outline the course that DEA administrative actions take in pharmacy, the pharmacy corresponding responsibility with the prescriber for controlled substances, how to respond in the face of a DEA audit and proper record-keeping requirements as well as recognition of red flags that can help the pharmacy staff in identifying problem prescriptions.

Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the role of the DEA pertaining to controlled substances and DEA requirements for handling controlled substances.
  2. Discuss the Red Flag Indicators for prescriptions and safeguards the independent practice should put in place to avoid issues with controlled substance prescriptions.
  3. Review DEA Regulations for the purchase of Schedule II drugs and best practices the pharmacy should operate under to avoid violations.
  4. Review DEA administrative penalties, sanctions and procedures which DEA may follow when a pharmacy registrant is found to be out of compliance with DEA regulations/federal statutes.

Speakers: James Schiffer, Associate, Allegaert Berger & Vogel, LLC, Westfield, New Jersey; Carlos Aquino, Founder and President, PharmaDiversion, LLC, Media, Pennsylvania

Activity Type: Application-based
Audience: Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians