2016 Educational Programming

The challenges facing pharmacy are multi-dimensional, and the NCPA Annual Convention brings you multi-dimensional solutions and opportunities: Expansion opportunities guiding you to profitable partnerships in the health care community. Profitable, high-margin, no-insurance, front-end niche opportunities to help your business thrive. Topics you didn’t learn in pharmacy school, ranging from accounting to technology. Let us introduce you to peer-tested solutions and niches that will enhance profits, reduce costs, and bring new patients into your pharmacy—and not just for scripts.

This year's CE and non-CE programming will feature three dimensions to help you manage all aspects of your business: the front end, expansion opportunities in clinical partnerships, and the back office.


The 2K Cane: Owning the Cash DME Patient From Cane to Lift Chair
Walk away with:

  • What the top-selling cash DME product categories are and how to best merchandise and market them.

  • Best practices for employee training and staffing for maximum sales.

Trusted Resource: Counseling Your Patients on Drug/Nutrition Depletion and Vitamin Supplementation
Walk away with:

  • What the key drug/nutrient depletions patients suffer from are and their symptoms.

  • Supplement counseling for wellness and resources to keep on-hand for patients.

The Seasons of Selling: Merchandising Tools for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
Walk away with:

  • Quarterly plans for merchandising and marketing for your pharmacy.

  • Inventory tips and endcap suggestions to enhance each season of selling.

Wellness Ideas for Your Patients and Profits
Walk away with:

  • Market intelligence on niches and what they may bring to your pharmacy.

  • Implementation best practices for introducing new niches to your customers and getting up and running.

Profits in the Pet Department: Caring for the Companion
Walk away with:

  • New opportunities in prescriptions, compounds, and key OTC selections.

  • Effective marketing techniques that work with pet owners and veterinarians.

New Patients and New Opportunities in the Compression Niche
Walk away with:

  • New product lines in compression and best practices in merchandising and marketing these products.

  • Effective physician detailing and staff sales training practices.

Opportunities in Vitamins: Increasing Sales Through Cross-Merchandising and In-Store Signage
Walk away with:

  • Best practice recommendations for cross-merchandising vitamins in OTC sections.

  • Expert advice on branding your vitamin/wellness offering with color, graphics, and promotions.


Changing the Game—Enhanced Opportunities Through Enhanced Services Networks
Walk away with:

  • Blueprint for constructing an enhanced network.

  • Best practices for organizing a network in your state.

Compounding: What's on the Horizon
Walk away with:

  • The latest updates on compounding regulation developments.

  • Best practices for operation in new compounding environment.

Business Planning: Making Sure Enhanced Clinical Services are Balanced with Enhanced Revenue
Walk away with:

  • Cost/benefit analysis for expanding clinical services.

  • Niche evaluation tool to plan and budget for expansion.

Product Theater Luncheon: To B or Not to B—Implementing Category B Immunization Recommendations
Supported by Pfizer
Walk away with:

  • The most up-to-date insights on immunization recommendations.

  • Tools to implement the current meningococcal vaccine recommendations in practice.

Primary Care and the Community Pharmacist—Creating Value and Opportunity in the New World of Health Care
Walk away with:

  • Key ways a pharmacist/physician care partnership can add revenue and value to a physician practice and your pharmacy.

  • Tools to evaluate the revenue opportunity with local providers to build a compelling proposal for physician practices.

Improving Patient Care Through Enhanced Pharmacist-Prescriber Relationships
Walk away with:

  • Opportunities for pharmacy to help improve prescriber workflow and quality metrics.

  • Tools for educating prescribers on pharmacy programs that can improve patient adherence and outcomes.

Re-Engineering Your Pharmacy Staff to Re-Engineer Your Business
Walk away with:

  • Defined staff roles to streamline workflow for enhanced service delivery.

  • Training tools for the pharmacy team on added responsibilities and proven staff engagement techniques.

Transitions of Care: A Growing Opportunity for the Community Pharmacy
Walk away with:

  • Steps to prepare a pitch for a transitions of care program with a local hospital.

  • Insights from peers who are successfully assisting with transitions of care programs.

Building Enhanced Services Into Your Existing Medication Synchronization Program
Walk away with:

  • A checklist of profit-building services that improve patient care and can easily be incorporated into a medication synchronization program.

  • Pearls for efficient clinical workflow that complement dispensing efforts and optimize staff.


Strategies to Combat DIR fees (non-CE)

Walk away with:

  • How to advance new legislation to prohibit retroactive DIR fees

  • Ways to fight back against DIR fees’ impact on your bottom line

The Unaccountable Pharmacy: Accounting Fundamentals for Your Pharmacy
Walk away with:

  • Accounting solutions for payroll and inventory control.

  • Strategies to better manage the impact of high fees and necessary expansion.

Guerilla Marketing for Community Pharmacists: 12 Proven Ways to Increase Profits
Sponsored by IPC
Walk away with:

  • Peer-tested, simple, and effective marketing programs to improve your store image.

  • Easy, cost-effective implementation strategies for new ideas and staff involvement.

Branding: Making Your Mark and Creating Your Message
Walk away with:

  • Effective tools for creating and promoting a recognizable store brand among customers for your niches and services.

  • Successful strategies for creating collateral and reaching out to prescribers with your brand message.

Investing for the Future: Managing the Risk, Maximizing the Value
Walk away with:

  • Tools to protect your pharmacy investment and personal financial security.

  • Best practices for calculating, evaluating, and adjusting your financial investment strategy to cover projected and unanticipated developments.

Technology: Geolocation Marketing
Walk away with:

  • Business knowledge of geolocation marketing and mobile apps that sell ads based on the GPS location of a mobile device.

  • Ideas for potential partners for community geolocation marketing.

Technology: Health Information Exchange and the Pharmacist eCare Plan
Walk away with:

  • The most current status on the development of a secure and standardized health information exchange.

  • A current assessment of how an electronic clinical information exchange is developing to improve patient outcomes.

Technology: Accelerating Adoption of RxChange and CancelRx e-Prescribing Transactions
Walk away with:

  • Knowledge of the value of RxChange and CancelRx to your pharmacy.

  • Key drivers of rapid adoption for the full value of RxChange and CancelRx.

Technology: Maximizing Technology That Exists in Your Pharmacy Today
Walk away with:

  • An update on new features in pharmacy workflow systems and the value of adoption.

  • Best peer insights into working with technology vendors on updates and refinements of technology features.

Prevention is Key: Steps to Prepare for and Respond to an FDA Inspection or Enforcement Action
Walk away with:

  • Red flags that can trigger an inspection and how to avoid them.

  • Constructive steps to respond in an inspection situation.

Don't Get Taxed to the MAX: Tax Strategies for Entrepreneurial Pharmacies
Walk away with:

  • Current strategies to reduce your tax exposure

  • Key things to discuss with your accountant for the coming tax year

PBM Shell Game: Investigative Reporter Exposes Alleged PBM Rip-Offs
Walk away with:

  • The inside scoop from an in-depth, investigative look at PBM actions.

  • Ideas on how to use this information in your community.