Educational Programming

The challenges facing pharmacy are multi-dimensional, and the NCPA Annual Convention brings you multi-dimensional solutions and opportunities:

    » Expansion opportunities guiding you to profitable partnerships in the health care community.

    » Profitable, high-margin, no-insurance, front-end niche opportunities to help your business thrive.

    » Topics you didn't learn in pharmacy school, ranging from accounting to technology.

Let us introduce you to peer-tested solutions and niches that will enhance profits, reduce costs, and bring new patients into your pharmacy—and not just for scripts.

This year's CE and non-CE programming will feature three dimensions to help you manage all aspects of your business: the front end, expansion opportunities, and the back office, and many programs will offer a half-hour "Shoot the Breeze" session to dig deep into the "who, what, where, and when" questions for starting your plan for success.

Click on the links below for specific educational programming available during each day of the convention: