Educational Programming

The challenges facing pharmacy are multi-dimensional, and the NCPA Annual Convention brings you multi-dimensional solutions and opportunities: Expansion opportunities guiding you to profitable partnerships in the health care community. Profitable, high-margin, no-insurance, front-end niche opportunities to help your business thrive. Topics you didn't learn in pharmacy school, ranging from accounting to technology. Let us introduce you to peer-tested solutions and niches that will enhance profits, reduce costs, and bring new patients into your pharmacy—and not just for scripts.

This year's CE and non-CE programming will feature three dimensions to help you manage all aspects of your business: the front end, expansion opportunities in clinical partnerships, and the back office. Be sure to check back regularly for updated programming information for this year's convention.


Weight Loss: Patients Lose, You Win!
Walk away with:

  • Planning, staff education and goal-setting guidelines for implementing a weight loss practice in your pharmacy.

  • A marketing outline and launch timeline for developing a weight loss niche.

Opportunities in the Wound Care Niche to Build Revenue
Walk away with:

  • The types of products in high demand for the wound care patient and how to structure this department.

  • Detailing and marketing guides to help you maximize your exposure and customer traffic.

The Bridge from Rehab to Home—Building a Profitable Section for the Expanding Market
Walk away with:

  • Marketing and customer/caregiver must-haves for your niche.

  • Stock needs to cover the market as well as staff training guidelines.

Branching Out in Companion Animal Care—Revenue-Growing Opportunities
Walk away with:

  • Knowledge and tools to build relationships with providers.

  • Section building product ideas.

The Whole Patient—Front-End Niches for Wellness, Anti-Aging, and Balance
Walk away with:

  • A plan to match patient demographics to high margin niches.

  • Marketing guidelines for attracting new customer traffic with niche products and services.


Filling a Need, Finding Your Niche
Sponsored by Merck
Walk away with:

  • Peer-tested health care niches to implement into your pharmacy.

  • Plans from marketing to launch for a successful rollout.

Successful Strategies for Engaging Your Pharmacy Staff
Sponsored by Merck
Walk away with:

  • A plan for introducing new concepts to pharmacy staff to minimize push-back.

  • Methods to improve pharmacy programs based on staff input and results.

The Evolution of the Revolution: Changes, Successes and the Next Big Thing
Walk away with:

  • A clear picture of the advances in enhanced services networks across the country.

  • Launch blueprints of existing networks.

  • Tools that other pharmacists have used to prepare for enhanced services.

Pharmacy/Physician Relationships: Building Patient Care Partnerships
Sponsored by Merck
Walk away with:

  • Steps to open a conversation with providers to prepare for collaborative practice.

  • Tools to overcome barriers to delivery of collaborative clinical services in your community pharmacy.

Integrating Electronic Care Plans Into Your Practice for Improved Care Coordination
Walk away with:

  • Guide to e-care plans available in the community setting.

  • A how-to on using the e-care plan to improve physician partnerships and patient satisfaction.


Taxes and the Pharmacy Owner: Solutions and Strategies
Walk away with:

  • How 2017 tax laws and the implications of business and real estate ownership will affect you.

  • Plans for your retirement strategy using your current tax deductions to generate tax-free retirement income.

Services You Can Bill for Today and How To Do It
Walk away with:

  • Profitable patient services that meets patient and provider needs.

  • Tools and workflow best practices to incorporate billing into your practice.

Success with Social Media
Walk away with:

  • The necessary components of a social media business strategy.

  • Best practices and tools for overcoming barriers and launching a social media presence.

Get Noticed! Easy and Affordable Marketing Strategies
Sponsored by Good Neighbor Pharmacy and PrescribeWellness
Walk away with:

  • Pharmacy-tested, low-cost marketing ideas to improve your pharmacy traffic.

  • Ideas to launch planning for implementing new marketing programs.

You Invested in Technology, Now What?
Walk away with:

  • Ways to make your current technology work to its highest potential.

  • ROI on technology additions to your practice that help you expand and improve your business.