Finding Synergies Between Clinic-based and Community Pharmacists

Sponsored by Merck

Pairs of clinic-based and community pharmacists who have been collaborating to improve patient care will share the benefits they've seen from working together. You’ll hear different approaches to establishing partnerships, how to overcome the toughest challenges in delivering collaborative patient care, and synergetic solutions that are valuable to your business.

Walk away with:

  • Real examples of successful partnerships between pharmacists in the clinic and community.

  • Talking points on how to approach clinic-based pharmacists to establish mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Tips on how a strong partnership can help grow your business.


Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician Learning Objectives:

  1. Outline methods for overcoming barriers to communicating patient information between clinic-based and community pharmacists.
  2. Discuss ways for clinic-based and community pharmacists to work synergistically to improve patient outcomes.
  3. Describe interventions that provide value to patients, clinics, and pharmacies.