Speaker Bio

Gabe TrahanGabe Trahan is NCPA's Senior Director of Store Operations and Marketing, a position he has held since 2011. Before joining NCPA, Gabe worked for nearly 35 years gaining retail and wholesale experience in the drug store industry. Twenty-three of these years, he spent with City Drug Stores, a 14-store, independently owned, chain of pharmacies. Gabe spent 11 years as the Director of Retail Services for Burlington Drug Company, a regional wholesaler, and worked as an independent consultant. He created the Store Report Card to help store owners methodically work through their stores from outside to the back room looking and finding ways to improve sales. Gabe has been an advisory board member and writer for the Retail Pharmacy Magazine and he completed a term as Second Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for Chain Drug Marketing Association. In his current position with NCPA, Gabe has completed store visits and presentations from Sitka, Alaska to Puerto Rico and most major cities and many small towns in between.