Why Attend

The front end has a lucrative margin—mostly cash sales—and, if done properly, can enhance your store's image...with the right strategy, you can beat the big boxes. Learn ways to increase your profits and build store traffic during this intensive one-day program. Every attendee leaves with a toolkit he or she can use to implement new ideas and strategies in his or her own stores. It is designed for the store owner/manager, front-end manager, gift buyer, and front-end staff member (check out our special rates for team members). Topics covered during the program include:

  • Curb Appeal: Gain ideas to make them want to come inside!
    Take Home: A detailed checklist to help pharmacy staff get and keep the pharmacy looking its best every day.

  • OTC Basic to Advanced: Discover what sells best and where and how to lay out your merchandise where it fits best and sells the most.
    Take Home: A listing of cross-merchandising suggestions.

  • Inventory: Learn tools to keep inventory fresh and best practices on pricing and presentation.
    Take Home: Tips for building effective end-caps designed to attract customer attention and make sales.

  • Private Label: Learn how to stock, promote, sign, and up-sell private label products, which present a great opportunity for profit to the pharmacy and savings to the patient.
    Take Home: Eye-catching sign samples to use in the pharmacy.

  • Marketing: Discover how to effectively advertise to bring customers into the store.
    Take Home: An advertising checklist to express the pharmacy's value to customers.

  • Selling Cards and Gifts: Gain tips to properly stock and merchandise products to save the customer a trip to another store and enhance a pharmacy's image.
    Take Home: Tools to calculate investment and create an efficient schedule to order, stock, and sell.

  • Stores Talking to Stores: Some of the best ideas come from sharing, networking, and learning from fellow participants. This session focuses on success stories and best practices that will take what participants have learned and what they already knew and build a takeaway plan for overhauling their pharmacy's front end.

Access the full program agenda here.

What Previous Front-End Profit Building Seminar Attendees Are Saying:

"Gabe takes the disparate subjects in marketing and merchandising that we all know a little about and turns us all into knowledgeable managers." -- Richard Stryker, Bayshore Pharmacy, Atlantic Highlands, N.J.

"Gabe rocks! He tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear." -- Steve Moore, Condo Pharmacy, Plattsburgh, N.Y.

"I am taking real, workable ideas home to make my pharmacy better." -- Clint Patterson, Hale Center Pharmacy, Hale Center, Texas

"We have been around pharmacy for years and we learned more in these past few days than we ever imagined!" - Jill and Fred S., Hamilton, Ala.

"I have never seen merchandising put together in such an easy-to-understand model." - Jason C., Paris Apothecary, Paris, Texas

"Thank you for a great program! Everybody walked out enthused and ready to get back to their stores to make changes. Great job." – Ira Katz, Little Five Points Pharmacy, Marietta, Ga.