Preview of Protect your Pharmacy Now!

Protect Your Pharmacy Now

In 2008, NCPA successful launched our Protect Your Pharmacy Now! program, partnering with Purdue Pharma, RxPATROL (Rx Pattern Analysis Tracking Robberies & Other Losses) and others to encourage pharmacists to protect their stores, staff, and patients against pharmacy crimes, including prescription drug robbery and thefts

NCPA member pharmacies will receive RxPATROL tips on how to stay safe along with checklists, posters, window clings, and height stickers to serve a constant reminder to employees, customers, and drug seekers that robbing a pharmacy is a federal offense and carries with it severe penalties. In addition, members receive discounts for employee background screenings, narcotics safes, surveillance systems, cameras, alarms, and other theft deterrent products to provide a turn-key resource for pharmacy operators.