National Conference of Pharmaceutical Organizations (NCPO)

Welcome to the 103nd Annual Meeting of the National Conference of Pharmaceutical Organizations (NCPO)

Douglas HoeyThis meeting represents a valuable opportunity for pharmacy organization representatives to come together to listen and share perspectives about the opportunities and challenges their constituents face but also to envision how the role of the pharmacist and the pharmaceutical will serve consumers today and in tomorrow's future healthcare ecosystem.

The meeting also represents a unique chance to not only interact with the leadership of organizations directly related to your organization's mission but to also interact with leadership from organizations with interests adjacent to your constituent's.

This year's meeting will explore topics that may reinforce, challenge, or reinvent our current views of the healthcare industry. Programs will look at trends that are leading the evolution of healthcare, examine future delivery of primary care, and will prognosticate on which way the political winds are blowing during the 2016 presidential election year.

The expertise you add to these discussions enrich the presentations and make the interactions even more meaningful for the participants.

It has been over a century since the founders of this conference envisioned an event where representatives from across our sectors could come together for meaningful discussion and to plan for the public policy challenges ahead. During this dynamic time in healthcare, the importance of the issues we discuss and relationships we develop is more important than ever.

I look forward to seeing you in Key West!


B. Douglas Hoey