February 2016


  • Winners Always Quit
    ...and quitters always win—with the right smoking cessation program.
    by Chris Linville

  • Building a Career Path
    University of North Carolina residency program helps pharmacists find their way toward ownership.
    by Patrick Brown, PharmD

  • Pharmacy Quality Measures
    Quality measurement in the health insurance marketplace.
    by Taylor Hightower

  • Don't Get Taxed to the Max
    Four strategies to potentially help independent community pharmacies reduce their tax bill.
    by Scott W. Sykes

  • Profit Pearls
    Time to reinvent in a changing profession.
    by Corey Marin


  • Up Front
    Telling Congress how unregulated PBMs are dominating the pharmacy landscape.
    Bradley J. Arthur

  • Newswire
    Pharmacy visits don't have to end when summer does.

  • Adherence—It Only Takes A Minute
    Breathing easy and it feels so good: adhering to a smoking cessation program.
    Elisabeth Wygant

  • Foundation Report
    Building partnerships for a strong Foundation.
    Donnie Calhoun, PD

  • Medication Safety
    What the Rx name sounds like may not be what it is.

  • Pharmacy Marketing
    Marketing health can make your pharmacy healthier.
    Liz Tiefenthaler

  • Continuing Education
    The pharmacist's role in tobacco cessation.
    by Jamie L. McConaha, PharmD, and Lauren Elizabeth Wolfe, PharmD

  • Front-End Overhaul
    Two swans taught me to love cash.
    by Gabe Trahan

February 2016


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