June 2016


  • Showing Up Is Half the Battle
    Arkansas pharmacies demonstrate the value of appointment-based med sync on adherence.
    by Jacob T. Painter, PharmD, MBA, PhD; Gary Moore, MS; and Bri Morris, PharmD

  • Coordination & Continuity Required
    Bridging gaps as patients move from hospital to home.
    by Kevin C. Day, PharmD

  • A Transformation, Naturally
    Re-inventing traditional retail as an integrative pharmacy.
    by Chris Linville - photos by Janet Cammarata

  • Profit Pearls
    Transitions in life to transitions in care.
    by Alastair Hay

  • Profit Pearls
    Data mining to impact lives.
    by Emily Selby, PharmD, MBA


June 2016


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