May 2016


  • Don't Sell to a Chain
    Let NCPA help you make the best decision.
    by B. Douglas Hoey, Pharmacist, MBA

  • Break From the Chains
    Selling to a junior partner can help independent pharmacies stay independent.
    by Richard Jackson

  • Value Added
    Use your pharmacy's valuation as a management tool.
    by Ed Webman, RPh

  • Geriatric Formulary Strategies
    The right drug list can differentiate your LTC pharmacy.
    by McKesson Alternate Site Pharmacy


  • Up Front
    PBMs always claim to save money, but someone is paying for waste.
    Bradley J. Arthur, RPh

  • Newswire
    Consumer ads by Rx makers new target on Capitol Hill.

  • Pharmacy Technology
    Are you tracking long-term care's top tech trends for 2016?
    Bill G. Felkey

  • Pharmacy Marketing
    We can learn new tricks.
    Liz Tiefenthaler

  • Medication Safety
    Double-check changed NDCs.

  • Pharmacy Law
    Pharmacy services agreement: key provisions.
    Jeffrey S. Baird, Esq.

  • Continuing Education
    Women's weight loss wellness: effective and safe diet techniques.
    by Nicole Van Hoey, PharmD

  • Front-End Overhaul
    The two different types of sale circular programs.
    by Gabe Trahan

May 2016


  • CPA

  • Empire Pharmacy Consultants

  • EPIC

  • Health Business Systems

  • Live Oak Bank

  • Pharmacists Mutual Companies

  • PioneerRx

  • PRS

  • QS/1

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