NCPA Commentary

Letter: Independent Pharmacies Important to Communities

by NCPA | Apr 16, 2014
As published in Buffalo News

To the Editor,

Independent community pharmacies consistently earn top customer satisfaction ratings from consumers, but this was among the key facts overlooked by your recent article ("What Not to Buy at Drugstores," April 7).

Community pharmacists promote lower-cost generic drugs when appropriate and help avoid drug interactions. Most patients have insurance coverage with the same co-pay whether they go to a local pharmacy or a Big Box one. For uninsured patients, several analyses have found independents to be very price competitive with national chains.

For over-the-counter medications, community pharmacists are a vital resource for patients seeking to avoid negative interactions with other medication, or those needing trusted recommendations to sort between similar products.

These small businesses provide fast, friendly service, including same-day home delivery to the community. Our stores have offered delivery service since 1959. In addition, independent pharmacies are an important source of local jobs and revenue as well as pillars of their communities.

B. Douglas Hoey, RPh, MBA
National Community Pharmacists Association
Alexandria, VA