Adherence Educators Toolkit

Medication Adherence

NCPA is strongly committed to the issue of medication adherence and recently launched the Pharmacists Advancing Medication Adherence (PAMA) initiative. As part of this multi-faceted effort, NCPA is committed to working with pharmacy academicians to help produce pharmacist graduates that embrace pharmacists' role as medication adherence counselors. We are pleased to announce the resource below as part of our PAMA initiative:

Educators Toolkit

AACP-NCPA Adherence Educators Toolkit

In 2012, NCPA launched a joint initiative with AACP to help identify current teaching strategies to prepare student pharmacists to detect, monitor, and improve medication adherence in pharmacy practice. The partnership began with a joint challenge to the schools and colleges of pharmacy to propose innovative medication adherence tools currently in use or development. A summary of submission and and winning entries can be found on the NCPA and AACP Web sites.

To build upon the tools received through the challenge, NCPA hosted a half-day adherence symposium at AACP's 2012 Annual Meeting. As part of this symposium, participants had the opportunity to contribute their ideas and recommendations to aid in the development of the Medication Adherence Educators Toolkit. A special Advisory Committee was formed to assist in the compilation and review of the toolkit in Fall 2012.

Please find a link to the toolkit and individual links to each Appendix below: