How to Form a NCPA Student Chapter

You Can Make It Happen

You'll be setting the ground work for the future. Establish your organization with broad-based goals in mind and think long-term. Your effort will bring you immediate rewards and will carry on to the pharmacy students who follow. Review the material presented here. Then contact the NCPA Student Affairs Division. The NCPA staff is ready to help you. Contact with any additional questions or requests.

How to Form an NCPA Student Chapter

Contact the NCPA Student Affairs Division through this web site or by phone 800-544-7447 to obtain a NCPA Student Chapter Operations Manual and answer any questions that you might have.

Contact your NCPA Faculty Liaison to prepare for the first organizational meeting. Review material in the NCPA Student Chapter Operations Manual to learn how to become a university recognized chapter.

Conduct your First Organizational Meeting. Invite your core group of students and NCPA Faculty Liaison to discuss and delegate responsibilities for the following items:

  • Determine what you want the student chapter to be: goals, projects, programs, etc.
  • Obtain university student organization recognition.
  • Review governing documents.
  • Briefly discuss the chartering of the student chapter.
  • Conduct your Second Organizational Meeting. Individuals report on their delegated responsibilities. Review by-laws to prepare for voting at First Chapter Meeting and begin planning the chartering and formal induction of this new NCPA Student Chapter.

    Promote the formation of the student chapter with flyers, membership drives, etc.

    Hold First NCPA Student Chapter Meeting. All interested students should be invited to attend. (This may occur prior to or after the induction ceremony.) Initial business should entail:

    • Chapter constitution and by-law approval.
    • Officer nominations and elections.
    • Discussion of goals and projects of the chapter.
    • Committee sign-up.

    Conduct a Formal NCPA Student Chapter Induction Ceremony. Contact NCPA Student Affairs Division for information.