Assistance from NCPA

NCPA can provide you with very valuable resources when you begin to organize an NCPA Student Chapter. These include the NCPA Student Affairs Department, the NCPA Faculty Liaison, NCPA Student Leadership Council Members, and NCPA Ambassadors.

The NCPA Department of Student Affairs has staff ready to respond to the needs of pharmacy students in the nation's colleges and schools of pharmacy, as well as handle specific responsibilities associated with active NCPA Student Chapters. Communication between students and this department is strongly encouraged and welcomed. Do not hesitate to call 800- 544-7447 or e-mail with any questions or comments.

After discussing the NCPA Student Chapter program, the Department of Student Affairs will make sure that you have contacted your school or college's NCPA Faculty Liaison or will help you to identify an NCPA Faculty Liaison. The NCPA Faculty Liaison is a faculty member at each school of pharmacy who acts as a communication link between NCPA and the school. The NCPA Faculty Liaison often becomes the NCPA Student Chapter Advisor. It is imperative that you work closely with the faculty liaison to make sure that your proposed new student chapter meets all the requirements for your school or college of pharmacy.

NCPA's National Student Leadership Council represents all student pharmacist members of the National Community Pharmacists Association. The SLC is comprised of 16 student members who each complete a two-year term; the first as a Junior Member and the second as a Senior member. The goal of the SLC is to support the development of future leaders in community pharmacy and to recognize student pharmacists who have a strong interest in entrepreneurship and pursuing a career in community pharmacy. Two SLC members are assigned to each NCPA Region and are available to assist you in your chapter development and sustainability.

NCPA developed the Ambassador Program to bring students and successful community pharmacy owners together to discuss the benefits of ownership and offer advice on how to navigate the process. Already, over 200 community pharmacists have signed up to become NCPA Ambassadors and the number keeps growing every month! NCPA Ambassadors are NCPA members and practitioners who volunteer their time to pharmacy schools and pharmacy students. NCPA Ambassadors help student chapters by sharing career experiences, providing insight on issues facing the pharmacy profession, and supporting the chapter in many other exciting and creative ways. Contact to identify an Ambassador to visit your school or college of pharmacy.

After contacting NCPA, you will receive an "NCPA Student Chapter Start-up Kit" that includes a sample constitution and by-laws—the governing documents of a student chapter. It is important to review these documents. For instance, the constitution describes the purposes of an NCPA Student Chapter and you should ensure that your intentions for starting an NCPA Student Chapter parallel these stated purposes in the constitution. Taking advantage of all these resources will increase your chapter's likelihood of success.