Searching for Success

First, seek out other students with a strong interest in independent community pharmacy. Then, with these individuals, form a strong core group that will organize and charter your school's new NCPA Student Chapter. Contact the NCPA Department of Student Affairs at 800-544-7447.

Gather additional support by talking to your fellow students. Those around you need to know you believe in what you are doing. Let individuals know the contributions an NCPA Student Chapter can make to your school and community. For instance, an NCPA Student Chapter will:

  • Provide a forum for students to learn about the vast number of career opportunities that exist in independent pharmacy practice.
  • Raise student awareness about the clinical, pharmacist care, and entrepreneurial opportunities available in independent pharmacy.
  • Provide students with more opportunities for leadership roles and experiences by becoming a chapter officer or committee chair.
  • Create a unified student group to raise funds to attend the NCPA Annual Convention.

This is just the short list, so prepare yourself to give additional examples similar to these when you are asked about the benefits of an NCPA student chapter.