The First Organizational Meeting

The students starting the NCPA Student Chapter and your NCPA Faculty Liaison must attend the first organizational meeting. If appropriate, an invitation may be extended to your NCPA Key Member. Notify all involved at least a week prior to the meeting. The meeting does not have to be formal, but definitely organized and planned. For example, prepare an agenda that lists what you need to discuss at this first meeting.

During your first organizational meeting, you should establish several goals for the chapter, and determine three or four projects to help achieve these goals. Be careful not to become over ambitious when choosing projects, but on the other hand, avoid limiting your imagination. One project could be organizing a Community Pharmacy Awareness Day for your school each year. Include a brainstorming session about these projects and about contributions your chapter can make to the school and community. Also, discuss and develop a timeline for chartering (officially establishing) the chapter. Before adjourning the meeting, set the date for the second organizational meeting which should occur within the next two weeks.

During the several days following your first organizational meeting, take time to think through and discuss the outcome of the meeting. While meeting with your NCPA Faculty Liaison, address these topics:

  • Identify a NCPA Student Chapter Advisor. The NCPA Faculty Liaison may be well suited for this position.
  • Obtain official campus/university recognition as a student organization.
  • Review sample governing documents (by-laws/constitution).
  • Prepare the agenda for the next meeting.
  • Discuss the chartering of the chapter.

Contact NCPA to discuss chapter by-laws (rules of government for the chapter), officer elections, and of course, more strategies for success.

In the meantime, continue to discuss the progress your group has made with other students. Ask all these people for their input and suggestions. And...GET EXCITED, this is just the beginning!