NCPA Summer Internship Program

NCPA Summer Internship Program Application (PDF)

The National Community Pharmacists Association, and the NCPA Foundation are pleased to sponsor the NCPA Summer Internship Program. The program, conducted at NCPA headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, provides a pharmacy student with an excellent opportunity to experience life at a national pharmacy association, while also learning more about the many opportunities that exist in independent community pharmacy practice.

The NCPA Summer Intern will spend 10 weeks at NCPA headquarters, beginning in May or June (start date is flexible) and will receive a stipend. The intern may gain up to 350 externship/internship hours toward licensure, depending upon their state Board of Pharmacy regulations.

The Summer Intern will be located in the Management Institute Department and will become acquainted with and also work with several of the other departments in NCPA such as: Communications, Government Affairs, and Membership Services. A five week and a final week report are required. The intern is expected to complete at least one project in a mutually agreed upon area of interest.

The purpose of the summer internship is two-fold:

  1. Provide pharmacy student with an opportunity to become more aware of the vast opportunities that exist in independent community pharmacy practice, and
  2. Provide an experience that demonstrates the importance of a national pharmacy association to the profession.

For more information contact NCPA Student Affairs

Student Testimonial

Having the opportunity to spend ten weeks of my summer at the NCPA headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia has proven to be the most invaluable experience thus far in my pharmacy career. As the summer intern, I not only learned about the inner workings of NCPA, but was also exposed to a wide variety of benefits that are offered exclusively to its members. As the summer intern, it is expected that several projects will be completed during the time of your stay. These projects ranged from informational bag stuffers, political advocacy projects and updates, weekly healthcare updates, C.E. edits, as well as a final seminar project due by the end of the internship. My favorite aspect I had the opportunity to partake in was political advocacy with the Government Affairs department. Through the specific GA department, I made several trips to Capitol Hill to attend briefings, hearings, and even meet with some Congressmen and legislative aids to discuss specific topics surrounding pharmacy. Being able to see our government in action was one of my favorite parts of living in Washington D.C. all summer, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve as the NCPA summer intern for 2013.

Ryan J. Siefring
Ohio Northern University
PharmD Candidate 2015
NCPA Summer Intern

Being the 2012 National Community Pharmacists Association’s summer intern was one of the most valuable experiences I had during my first year of pharmacy school. While I had been exposed to the student benefits of NCPA, I knew very little about national pharmacy organizations and pharmacy association management. NCPA graciously opened their doors to me and allowed me to participate in the many services NCPA offers their members, both to their students and independent pharmacy owners. During my 10 week internship I was able to meet with all of NCPA’s leaders, providing the opportunity to learn more about each of their roles within the association. Not only did I meet the most influential community pharmacy leaders, like CEO B. Douglas Hoey, RPh, MBA, I was also able to take part in several projects throughout the summer. This provided invaluable hands-on experience as an NCPA team member. Projects ranged from writing concise and easily-understood medication adherence tips for pharmacists to give to their patients to helping with a project tracking mail order pharmacy waste around the country. NCPA headquarters is located just a few metro stops away from Capitol Hill, where I was able to visit and attend meetings involving congressional staff with NCPA lobbyists. Seeing the legislative process in action and witnessing political advocacy for the profession of pharmacy has helped me to appreciate the importance of the less often considered aspects of pharmacy, including governmental affairs. While there was so much to learn at NCPA, there was equally as much to see and do in Washington, DC itself. With so many opportunities and experiences, there is not nearly enough room within this paragraph to share them all! Take the opportunity to apply to find out more about leadership among pharmacists at NCPA!

Holly Berry
South Carolina College of Pharmacy- MUSC Campus
PharmD Candidate 2015
NCPA 2012 Summer Intern