Selection and Training

Selection of the Applicant

The selection of the applicant will be determined by the Summer Intern Selection Committee comprised of a maximum of five individuals, at least three of whom are professional staff members.

Internship Training Schedule

The activities of the intern will be coordinated through the Management Institute/Student Affairs Division. Other NCPA departments may be asked to work with or may request time with the intern.

  • The intern will have the opportunity to rotate through several headquarter departments:
    • Communication
    • Conventions and Meetings
    • Government Affairs
    • Home Health Care/Long-Term Care
    • Industry Affairs
    • Management Institute
    • NCPA Foundation
    • Professional Affairs
      (NOTE: Schedule is flexible depending on interests of intern)
  • The training schedule shall consist of a minimum of 350 hours extending over a period of 10 working weeks.
  • Following the orientation rotation, the intern will be assigned a mutually agreed upon project(s) within the Management Institute. During the fifth and tenth week of the program, a review will be conducted, i.e. the intern reviews the program and the preceptor reviews the intern.
  • The intern will attend relevant meetings of the Management Institute, and meetings external to the Management Institute as deemed to be appropriate.

When feasible, the intern will attend meetings involving outside agencies, organizations, and other groups having a bearing on the responsibilities of the Management Institute and Department of Professional Affairs staff. Visits to other pharmacy organizations may be scheduled as time permits.

Emphasis will be given to the on-the-job training aspects of the internship. The training schedule will be patterned to permit the intern to pursue, in-depth, those activities within the Management Institute which he/she is most interested.