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NCPA Student Leadership Council
Front Row from Left: Taylor Hightower, Katherine Fischer, Lauren Lyles, Ashley Bowden, Yankton Wyatt, Ryan Siefring, Tyler Dalton
Back Row from Left: Matt Savoie, Mac Ovenell, Cody Gummelt, Aaron Garst, Thomas Sherrer, Patrick Stolz

2014-2015 Senior Student Leadership Council Members

Region 1

Thomas Sherrer
Mercer University
SLC President

Thomas Sherrer is a 2015 Doctor of Pharmacy candidate from Mercer University College of Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to beginning his pharmacy education at Mercer, Thomas attended the University of Georgia where he received a Bachelor's in Business Administration in Risk Management and Insurance. Thomas grew up in Marietta, Georgia, where both his mother and father are independent pharmacists. They have been active on state and national levels of pharmacy advocacy throughout their careers. Thomas was raised in community pharmacy and from observing his parents active involvement in pharmacy he found his interest in the profession. Through his pharmacy experiences he has seen the importance of the pharmacist-patient relationship and the value a pharmacist provides in the patient care arena. During his college career he also worked in several independent pharmacies in Athens, Georgia. His experiences taught him the importance of helping others and also the value of giving back to the profession by advocating for a successful future for pharmacy.

Thomas worked as an intern for both his United States Senator and Congressman where he learned firsthand how crucial political involvement is to the profession of pharmacy. Currently, Thomas serves as the President the NCPA Student Leadership Council. In addition to his school involvement he also volunteers with the Good Samaritan Health Clinic and is an active member of the Marietta First United Methodist Church. He has enjoyed serving on the NCPA Student Leadership Council and looks forward to working with other students to equip himself with the tools needed to allow him to participate in shaping the future of pharmacy and to give back to a profession that has had such a great impact in his life.

Region 2

Ryan Siefring
Ohio Northern University

Ryan Siefring is a 2015 PharmD Candidate from Ohio Northern University, Raabe College of Pharmacy in Ada, Ohio where he also minors in communications. Ryan previously served as President of the NCPA Student Chapter at ONU and has held several other positions including President-Elect and Outreach chair. Having grown up on a farm in a small rural community, Ryan has the experience of small town business and knows the importance of such businesses within the community. As an excited new member of Student Leadership Council, Ryan hopes to raise awareness within his university, as well as the surrounding universities, of all the great opportunities for young pharmacists in the independent pharmacy setting. Ryan hopes and own and operate his own pharmacy someday with the goal of creating a two or more store mini-chain.

Region 3

Ashley Bowden
The Ohio State University

Ashley Bowden is a 2015 PharmD candidate from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. She received her B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from The Ohio State University. She served as the 2013-2014 President of the NCPA Student Chapter at The Ohio State University, as well as the treasurer of Pharmacy Council from 2012-2014. She is also an APhA-ASP patient care committee co-chair and proud member of Phi Lambda Sigma.

Having interacted with many independent pharmacy owners, Ashley values the great relationship many independent pharmacists have with their patients. Her involvement in NCPA the past three years has sparked her interest in the opportunities available by merging community pharmacy and entrepreneurship. It has also helped her realize that advocating for the profession is very important in maintaining the pharmacist role in the healthcare field.

As a member of SLC and a member of an up and coming student chapter, I hope to encourage other schools to either start their own NCPA Student Chapter or help to make theirs grow as ours has over the past few years.

Region 4

Kayla Prewitt
Palm Beach Atlantic University

Kayla is a 2015 PharmD Candidate at Palm Beach Atlantic University Gregory School of Pharmacy (GSOP). She studied agricultural biotechnology at the University of Kentucky before moving to West Palm Beach, FL for pharmacy school. Kayla's passion for independent pharmacy stems from the idea that independent settings foster ideal patient-pharmacist relationships in which one can truly serve as patient advocates by any means necessary. She has been very active in the NCPA Student Chapter at GSOP, serving as the founding president of the GSOP chapter. As well, she has held numerous positions in Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity Inc., and is a proud member of Phi Lambda Sigma and Rho Chi societies.

Kayla feels very honored and blessed to be a part of the Student Leadership Council for NCPA, and she is very much looking forward to working with the incoming junior members to enhance her growth as a leader. Kayla would like to use this position as a platform to show student pharmacists the impact that independent pharmacies can have on our communities, as well as the importance of being a servant leader and patient advocate.

Region 5

Matthew Savoie
Auburn University

Matthew Savoie is a 2015 PharmD candidate from Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy (HSOP). He received his B.A. in Psychology and B.S. in Chemistry from the University of West Florida in Pensacola, FL. He has been very involved in the NCPA Student Chapter at HSOP by serving as Fundraising Committee Chair, President-Elect, and now President. He attended the NCPA Annual Convention in Nashville (2011) and San Diego (2012) and the Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. (2012, 2013). Matthew is also the Treasurer for his ASHP Student Society and a proud member of Phi Lambda Sigma, Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, and the Alabama Pharmacy Association. He also serves on the following committees: HSOP Admissions Committee, Kappa Psi Gulf Coast Province Legislative Committee, Kappa Psi Delta Gamma Chapter Pledgeship Committee, and HSOP Professional Education Committee-Subcommittee II.

With exposure to many facets of pharmacy, Matthew believes that independent pharmacy is the heart and soul of this profession. Matthew looks forward to serving on the SLC because he believes it presents the unique opportunity to cultivate culture within NCPA's student chapters in the hopes of molding the future of our profession. He would love to see a culture of students that adopt the philosophy that legislative advocacy is a professional obligation. He is drawn to the level of passion and excitement within NCPA and is eager to learn more about the organization and opportunities in independent pharmacy so that he may spread that knowledge to other students who are not yet informed.

Region 6

Yankton Wyatt
University of the Incarnate Word

Yankton Wyatt is a 2015 PharmD candidate at the University of the Incarnate Word Feik School of Pharmacy (FSOP) in San Antonio, Texas. Previously, Yankton graduated from Texas A&M University with a Business degree and started his own real estate business in the San Antonio area focusing on renovating residential houses, and eventually building residential and commercial properties. After the real estate market took a downturn in 2008, he decided to change career paths. Yankton picked pharmacy as the direction to move forward in because of an interest in the medical field and vast changes in store for the profession as health care started to become more provider oriented and provides great flexibility when it comes to future work environments. After starting pharmacy school, Yankton became very active in the NCPA Student Chapter at FSOP and reached out to a lot of local pharmacy owners to establish relationships and generate contacts of influence for the NCPA student membership. He has served as President of the NCPA Student Chapter at FSOP and continues to form valuable relationships that will help strengthen the voices of the organization. Because of his past business experience, he hopes to someday open his own independent pharmacy bringing innovation and genuine service to the community. Pharmacy advocacy is extremely important, not only for the profession, but for the end goal of providing the best possible care to the patient in the most efficient way possible. That is why Yankton has joined the National Student Leadership Council, to help bridge the gaps and bring awareness of advocacy from the national level all the way down to the student level, because we all have the same goals.

Region 7

Nicole Dimaano
University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
SLC Secretary

Nicole Dimaano is a 2015 PharmD candidate from University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences on the Anschutz Medical Campus. Nicole has developed a strong interest in entrepreneurship and business ownership after growing up around her parent's own small business. Nicole was inspired to fuse these interests with her passion for shaping her community as an independent community pharmacist.

Nicole has worked to successfully organize student pharmacist within her chapter and actively promotes the value of advocating for the profession. She has worked to raise awareness of local and national pharmacy issues while embracing the concept innovation and collaboration among students, practitioners and her state's pharmacy association. Her interest in NCPA blossomed after her experiences as a NCPA P1 Class representative and she went on to serve a two-year term as Vice President of the NCPA Student Chapter at University of Colorado. Nicole is involved with her Phi Lambda Sigma chapter and also served as the Executive Chair for Colorado Pharmacists Society Student Academy with members from both University of Colorado and Regis University Schools of Pharmacy.

She been honored as a NCPA Foundation and Partners in Pharmacy Scholarship recipient and was recently selected as a Cardinal Health Scholar in recognition of her strong commitment to independent community pharmacy. Her commitment to pharmacy ownership comes after interning at an NCPA-member pharmacy and competing in the Good Neighbor Pharmacy NCPA Pruitt-Schutte Student Business Plan Competition, where her group's Lone Tree Compounding Pharmacy placed 5th nationally in 2013.

Nicole recognizes the value of NCPA and the resources it provides to students interested in independent pharmacy and business ownership. She intends to continually innovate and advance the pharmacy profession by focusing on increased access to pharmacy services and quality improvement. She is passionate about building relationships with independent community pharmacists and students across the nation. She hopes to bring more student leaders into NCPA in order to sustain the unique niche independent pharmacies serve in their communities.

Region 8

Mac Ovenell
Oregon State University

Mac Ovenell is a dual Pharm.D./MBA 2015 candidate from Oregon State University/Oregon Health Sciences University College of Pharmacy (OSU/OHSU-COP) in Corvallis, Oregon. He earned his Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training and Allied Health from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon in 2008. Mac served as the 2012-2013 OSU/OHSU-COP Student Executive Council President, representing the professional student pharmacist body on the Dean's College Council and as an advisor on the OSU/OHSU-COP 8th Annual Apothecary Ball Steering Committee. He served as the 2012-2013 Financial Team Chair within for the NCPA Student Chapter at OSU/OHSU-COP, oversaw and coordinated the finances for the 2nd Annual Breaking Down the MU on the campus of OSU, and advised the Financial Team on research and development topics in preparation for the 2014 Good Neighbor Pharmacy NCPA Pruitt-Schutte Student Business Plan Competition.

Mac is an active NCPA student member in attending Oregon Pharmacy Coalition Meetings on current state pharmacy legislation and has the opportunity of implementing and strengthening his interest and passion in independent pharmacy as a member of the OSU-COP Entrepreneurial Academy (EA). In addition, he represents his pharmacy class on the Curriculum College Standing Committee focusing on implementing student curricular goals and helping to shape the professional pharmacy academic experience at OSU/OHSU-COP. More broadly, Mac represented the OSU student body on the 2012-2013 OSU Student Health Services Advisory Board working to improve student healthcare access and quality and efficiency of care.

Mac grew up in a rural North Central Washington town in a family who owned a small business. His love for chemistry, business, and teaching and helping people attracted him to pursue a career in the profession of pharmacy and drives his career passion to make an impact in the lives of patients' and community members' he serves. His professional career aspirations are to become an independent pharmacy business owner, engage the community civically, and collaborate inter-professionally with other health care practitioners in adapting to the changing national health care landscape. Moving into his fourth professional year, Mac looks forward to serving as a Senior NCPA Student Leadership Council (SLC) member, strengthening NCPA student chapter correspondence, advocating legislatively for independent pharmacy at both the state and federal levels, and experiencing the emerging innovative business ideas in independent pharmacies across the country.

2014-2015 Junior Student Leadership Council Members

Region 1 - vacant
Email: NCPA Student Affairs (

Region 2

Lauren Lyles
University of Mississippi
SLC President-Elect

Hotty Toddy! My name is Lauren Lyles and I am a 2016 PharmD candidate from the University of Mississippi's School of Pharmacy. I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from The University of Mississippi in the charming city of Oxford, Mississippi. I currently serve as the Student Body Vice President of the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy and Secretary of the NCPA Student Chapter at the University of Mississippi. I have also been afforded the opportunity to serve as the 2013-2014 NCPA Summer Intern. In addition, I am a representative of the Ole Miss Board of Visitors where I dedicate my time and efforts to changing the trajectory of pharmacy at the University. I am a proud and active member of Phi Lambda Sigma, Kappa Epsilon, APhA-ASP, Mississippi Pharmacists Association, and an advocate for the Mississippi Independent Pharmacy Association. As a founder of the University of Mississippi's Policy Committee, I intend to promote awareness and student involvement in pharmacy advocacy. I also plan to implement fitness programs and pharmacogenomic services in a future pharmacy practice with the guidance of the NCPA. My future goal as an SLC member, which aligns with the dedicated mission of the NCPA, is to foster the continuing growth and prosperity of independent community pharmacy and patients' health across the nation.

Region 3

Tyler Dalton
Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy

Tyler Dalton is a 2016 PharmD candidate from Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy. Tyler received his B.S. in Biomedical Sciences from Auburn University. He currently serves as the President of the NCPA Student Chapter at HSOP and the Student Council Vice President. He is an active member in Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Alabama Pharmacy Association, Phi Lambda Sigma, and serves on the admissions committee. Through his experience with community pharmacy, he has seen the importance of pharmacist-patient relationships and the benefits pharmacists provide the community. His passion for independent pharmacy can be seen through his commitment thru the chapter business plan committee, drug take back programs and his political involvement at the state and national level. Tyler looks forward to working with Student Leadership Council and helping promote independent pharmacy.

Region 4

Taylor Hightower
Samford University McWhorter School of Pharmacy

Taylor Hightower is a 2016 PharmD candidate from Samford University McWhorter School of Pharmacy (MSOP) in Birmingham, AL. Taylor completed two years of pre-pharmacy work at Samford before starting the pharmacy program. Taylor has been passionate about independent pharmacy since she began working in an independent store in her small hometown when she was 15. Taylor currently serves as the President of the NCPA Student Chapter at MSOP, as well as a student ambassador for the McWhorter School of Pharmacy. She is an active member of the Alabama Pharmacy Association and the American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists. She is thankful for the opportunities being a member of NCPA has given her and is excited to serve on SLC. Her goal as a member of SLC is to shed light on just how great independent pharmacy is to students across the nation.

Region 5

Aaron Garst
East Tennessee State University
SLC Secretary-Elect

Aaron Garst is currently a third year pharmacy student at East Tennessee State University Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy in Johnson City, Tennessee. Aaron earned his Bachelors of Science in Biology with a focus in Immunology and Microbiology at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 2012.

After growing up in a small town in Southwest Virginia, Aaron saw the significant impact of independent pharmacy in rural areas. Wanting to serve patients in the Appalachian region once he graduates, Aaron got involved with NCPA to take advantage of all the great resources within the organization. He has served as the Vice President of the NCPA Student Chapter at ETSU, and currently serves as the President. After getting involved with NCPA, Aaron saw the importance of political advocacy within the pharmacy profession. This lead Aaron to get involved with the Tennessee Pharmacist Association, where he serves as a TPA delegate and a member-at-large. Aaron also became the Legislative Action Committee Chair for his APhA-ASP chapter to get further involved in the process of developing and presenting a resolution. These experiences have increased Aaron's passion about independent pharmacy, and have shown him the importance of being politically active to sustain and advance the pharmacy profession.

As a member of the SLC, Aaron hopes to inspire student pharmacists to become involved in state and national policy efforts that improve yet preserve this great profession. He also hopes to excite current and incoming student pharmacists about the many opportunities within NCPA, and how this organization is important as students and future pharmacists.

Region 6

Katherine "Kat" Fischer University of the Incarnate Word
Feik School of Pharmacy

Katherine "Kat" Fischer is a 2016 PharmD candidate from University of the Incarnate Word Feik School of Pharmacy. Katherine received her Bachelor's degree from the University of Texas, Arlington. She currently serves as a junior member of NCPA SLC. In addition, Katherine has served as the Treasurer of the NCPA Student Chapter at FSOP. She is the Editor-In-Chief for the UIW Pharmacy Review, which is modeled after the law review, and is the first journal of its kind for a Pharmacy School. Her involvement in purchasing a family business has spurred her interest in independent pharmacy. Her goal as an SLC member is to promote NCPA, and increase public awareness about independent pharmacy.

Region 7

Cody Gummelt
University of Texas

Cody Gummelt is a 2016 PharmD candidate at The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy. He has been very involved in the NCPA Student Chapter at UT, serving as the Pharmacy Council Representative, Treasurer, and the 2014 - 2015 President. He attended the NCPA Annual Convention in San Diego (2012), and in Orlando (2013).

Growing up in a small town, Cody worked at the only pharmacy in town giving him the opportunity to appreciate and understand the importance of an independent pharmacy within a community. Independent pharmacies provide unparalleled patient care, community service and allow the pharmacist to build a strong personal relationship with each patient. One thing was clear after working at and touring several independent pharmacies with his NCPA chapter, there is no limit to the services and level of care you can provide to your patients to make a positive impact on their health and ultimately their life.

Cody feels privileged and beyond excited for the opportunity to serve on the Student Leadership Council and hopes to improve the NCPA experience for student pharmacists. NCPA has been a cornerstone in his education and growth as a pharmacy student and he would love to share this interest with other pharmacy students.

Region 8

Patrick Stolz
Washington State University

Patrick Stolz is a 2016 PharmD candidate from Washington State University College of Pharmacy. For his undergrad education, he attended Washington State University (WSU) and majored in Biochemistry. Patrick is a junior member of the Student Leadership Counsel and is the current president of the NCPA Student Chapter at WSU. He is also a member of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Phi Lambda Sigma, and the Washington State Pharmacy Association.

Upon starting college, Patrick found that pharmacy was his true calling. In his undergrad he volunteered in a variety of healthcare settings, but when he volunteered at his local independent pharmacy, he felt the strongest sense of belonging. When starting pharmacy school it was only natural that he found NCPA the most appealing national pharmacy organization. As NCPA student chapter president, he has helped create new opportunities and new relationships with business owners around WSU's new Spokane campus and hopes to leave behind a strong legacy of student leaders and entrepreneurs.

In his time on the SLC, Patrick has made it his goal to connect pharmacists and students together through means of social media and more. He hopes to pave the road for more students and pharmacists to share experiences and actively participate in legislative affairs.