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Our mission is to encourage, foster, and recognize an interest in community pharmacy ownership and entrepreneurship among the future leaders of their profession.

Student Members Forum: Independent Pharmacy Ownership Residency (Nov. 18, 2015) Audiofile (8M) and Handout.


Junior Partnerships

Lifetime Vision Creator by Waypoint Strategic Advisors

NCPA Digest sponsored by Cardinal Health

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There are all sorts of resources available at the NCPA Bookstore. Take a look at the extensive list of books, CDs, subscriptions and web-based education available for members. Below are just a few of the incredible resources available.


Junior Partnerships

One alternative to the direct sale of a pharmacy is a junior partnership. A junior partnership allows for the transfer and sale of an independent pharmacy over several years, with the new owner acquiring a gradually increasing percentage of ownership in the pharmacy, while increasing his or her understanding and responsibility in managing the pharmacy and business. Factors such as time frame, percentage of purchase per year, and amount paid may be adjusted to meet the special needs of the owner and/or purchaser. Some of the benefits of a junior partnership include:

  1. Gradually learning the business - Understanding and managing business side of the pharmacy can be the biggest challenge for most new pharmacists owning a pharmacy. A junior partnership allows the buyer to learn the business over time, rather than having to jump in with both feet from the start.

  2. Time to make the right match - The time frame of a junior partnership allows both the owner and buyer to see if the match is the right match for both sides; from upholding the same values and ideals, to treatment of the customers and employees. Sellers want to make sure that the legacy that they have established in their business is carried out, and buyers want to make sure that the ideals and environment of the pharmacy are what she/he expects for his/her business.

  3. Continuity of customer service - The junior partner can not only learn the level of customer service to which a pharmacy's patients are accustomed, but the customers have a chance to establish a trusting relationship with the new owner.

  4. Little to no upfront cash: Unlike other purchasing options, a large deposit is often not a requirement with a junior partnership. Depending on the agreement, a junior partner may be able to negotiate a reduction in the first few years of his/her salary, as a means of buying into the business.

Finding a junior partnership is as easy as setting up an account on, or by emailing and asking for a list of NCPA member owners in your area that you could approach with a proposal. What are you waiting for?

junior partnership

Lifetime Vision Creator

One of the keys of being a successful independent pharmacy owner is planning. This tool, brought to you by Waypoint Strategic Advisors, helps you take the first steps in planning out your success as an independent pharmacy owner.


NCPA Digest sponsored by Cardinal Health

Digest is a summary of selected financial and demographic information that illustrates the independent community pharmacy market and the valuable services these pharmacies deliver to their patients. It is the most comprehensive report on independent community pharmacy available.

  • Read more about the 80-plus year history of the Digest from the October 2003 issue of America's Pharmacist PDF (493k).

  • NCPA Members may view the entire NCPA Digest, sponsored by Cardinal Health online (member login is required).

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"We have been around pharmacy for years and we learned more in these past few days than we ever imagined!" Jill and Fred S. — Hamilton, AL

"WOW! Great setting, great speakers, wealth of knowledge!" — Nick T.

"Best conference I've ever been to. I learned more this weekend than I have at any clinical conference I've attended in the past." — Anonymous

The NCPA Ownership Academy is pleased to offer the Pharmacy Ownership Workshop, sponsored by McKesson. This unique opportunity is specifically designed for pharmacists considering pharmacy ownership or desiring additional management skills.

The Pharmacy Ownership Workshop will assist pharmacists in the development of tools that will guide them in pharmacy ownership and enhance their current management skills. More than 50 percent of past Workshop participants now own their own pharmacy.

The topics covered in the program include:

  • Developing and Maintaining a Successful Pharmacy Practice

  • Creating a Successful Pharmacy Business Plan

  • Planning for Successful Growth

  • Business Owner Roles, Responsibilities, and Management Styles

  • Comprehensive Business Start up Checklist

  • Financial Planning for a Successful Practice

  • Understanding the Loan Approval Process

  • Determining Your Pharmacy's Financing Needs

  • How to Market Your Pharmacy Practice

  • Assessing Technology Needs for the Pharmacy

  • Legal and Accounting Advice for the Beginning Owner

  • Business Experiences of an Owner/Past Workshop Grad

  • Floor planning, pricing strategies and product placement

PCCA Student Boot Camp

NCPA has partnered with the Professional Compounding Centers of America, located in Houston, Texas, to let you know of the unique opportunity that you have as a student to learn the art and skill of compounding. This Boot Camp will train you on how to compound 11 different dosage forms. It mixes classroom and lab training over the two day intensive course. For more information, contact Bindhu Batra at

PCCA Student Boot Camp

Student Ownership Boot Camp