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Membership in NCPA helps you prepare today for the possibilities of tomorrow.

Our mission is to encourage, foster, and recognize an interest in community pharmacy ownership and entrepreneurship among the future leaders of their profession.

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Applications & Nominations

2017-2018 Student Leadership Council

For questions regarding student membership and resources, please contact:
Diana Courtney
Director, Student and Professional Affairs and Committees

Student Ownership Boot Camp

NCPA is thrilled to be able to provide practical education on ownership specifically catered to students. The NCPA/RxOwnership Student Ownership Boot Camp provides you eight hours of ownership expertise from financiers, CPAs, business coaches and former pharmacy owners, not to mention countless networking opportunities with students, pharmacists and business leaders from across the country. The Boot Camp is offered three times each year, and is hosted by a different school or college of pharmacy each offering. For more information about the Boot Camp, either as an attendee, or as a host for a future Boot Camp, email Diana Courtney.

Upcoming Boot Camps

November 3, 2018 East Tennessee State University Bill Gatton School of Pharmacy

February 9, 2019 University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy

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Applications & Nominations

APPE Rotations


  • Provide an experience that demonstrates the importance of a national pharmacy association to the profession.

  • Provide an undergraduate pharmacy student with an opportunity to become more aware of the vast opportunities that exist in independent community pharmacy practice.

The activities of the rotation will be coordinated through the Department of Student Affairs. Other NCPA departments may be asked to work with or may request time with the participating students. For more information on activities of rotation students please see the Frequently Asked Questions.


The rotation schedule, while flexible, is designed to be four to six weeks in duration, and is available year-round. The rotation is intended to be an elective feature of a school or college of pharmacy's curriculum-based experiential program. Requests to participate should be coordinated through and received from the experiential program staff of the school or college.

The participating student will be responsible for their housing and living expenses during the rotation. There is no stipend or salary associated with the rotation.

NCPA is able to host only two students at any given time. In case of multiple requests for the same time period, selection will be based an evaluation of the student's goals and objectives concerning the rotation, letter of recommendation and past experiences during their pharmacy education. NCPA reserves the right to refuse, with sufficient notice, the request of any student to participate in the rotation in the event of significant organizational scheduling conflicts which would interfere with the quality of the student's experience. Specifically, NCPA does not accept students during the time of the NCPA Convention and Trade Exposition held yearly in October to include the two weeks prior to and the two weeks following the Annual Convention.

Application Process

Student pharmacists interested in applying for the NCPA experiential rotation in association management should include the following when applying:

  • A completed application form including contact information and preferred dates for the rotation.

  • A one-page letter of intent expressing your interest in the rotation including your career goals and how the rotation will help you achieve those goals;

  • A one-page letter of recommendation from a faculty member, dean, employer, or pharmacy mentor endorsing your interest and ability to succeed in this unique rotation;

  • A copy of your most recent resume or curriculum vitae.

Completed application packets must be postmarked by December 31. Please send all applications and supporting materials to:

NCPA Student Affairs
100 Daingerfield Road
Alexandria, VA 22314

Students will be notified no later than March 1 regarding the status of their application.

Executive Residency

The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Executive Residency provides an integrative experience in business skills and association management to an outstanding Doctor of Pharmacy graduate. Through a year of project-based learning at NCPA Headquarters, the Executive Resident gains a deeper understanding of the organization and its role in supporting community pharmacists. Upon completing the program, the NCPA Executive Resident is well-trained to tackle his or her professional endeavors with the knowledge, confidence, and proficiency for success.

To learn more about the NCPA Executive Residency, click here.

Faculty Liaison of the Year

The Merriam Webster definition of advisor reads: "a person who gives advice especially professionally". NCPA relies on faculty advisors to be a more constant point of contact between students and NCPA.

NCPA does not expect nor require the faculty advisor to plan or attend chapter events, help recruit and retain chapter members, or However, NCPA knows that there are advisors who consistently go above and beyond in helping students and student chapters, and we would like to recognize them for their efforts.

Submit your nomination for your faculty advisor. Nominations are due by March 30th.

Foundation Scholarships

Outstanding Member of the Year Nomination Form

This is awarded to students who inspire their peers, faculty and community and who exemplify the spirit of independent pharmacy. Only one nomination per chapter may be submitted. Nomination deadline is March 1st. Questions and nomination forms should be submitted to

Student Leadership Council

NCPA's National Student Leadership Council represents all student pharmacist members of the National Community Pharmacists Association. The SLC is comprised of 16 student members, 2 members representing each of the 8 student chapter regions. Each SLC member completes a two-year term; one year as a Junior Member and one year as a Senior Member. Multiple students from a school or college of pharmacy may apply each year, but only one may be appointed from that school or college. All SLC members must have held an office on the chapter level and all must be current student members of NCPA.

The goal of the SLC is to support the development of future leaders in community pharmacy and to recognize student pharmacists who have a strong interest in entrepreneurship and pursuing a career in community pharmacy. The SLC supports the Associate Director of Management and Student Affairs at NCPA in providing the student pharmacist perspective in developing programs for NCPA student members. Other responsibilities include:

  • Determine how the NCPA SLC will vote regarding policy proposals before the NCPA House of Delegates

  • Appoint new members of the SLC

  • Serve on an NCPA Steering Committee in their Senior year on the Council and attend the Steering Committee Forum

  • Determine the Chapter of the Year

  • Elect SLC National Student Officers

  • Attend the NCPA Annual Convention (Required)

  • Attend the Annual SLC Leadership Retreat held in May(Required) and the following NCPA Conference on National Legislation and Government Affairs (suggested)

Procedures and Timeline: NPCA Student Chapters should encourage their student chapter officers to apply for the NCPA SLC prior to the NCPA Annual Convention in October. All applicants must be present at the NCPA Conference on National Legislation and Government Affairs in May and/or the NCPA Annual Convention in October where they will be given the opportunity to meet with current SLC members in an informal setting. The purpose of the meeting is to assess the applicant's knowledge of NPCA and their ability to serve in this capacity. Completed SLC applications must be submitted by December 31 and applicants will be notified of their appointment status to the SLC by March 15. Junior SLC members will begin their term at the beginning of the NCPA Steering Committee meeting in March. The advancement of Junior member to Senior member also happens at the beginning of the NCPA Steering Committee Forum where the Senior member will being their second term with attendance at the Forum.

Summer Internship

The National Community Pharmacists Association, and the NCPA Foundation are pleased to sponsor the NCPA Summer Internship Program. The program, conducted at NCPA headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, provides a pharmacy student with an excellent opportunity to experience life at a national pharmacy association, while also learning more about the many opportunities that exist in independent community pharmacy practice.

The NCPA Summer Intern will spend 10 weeks at NCPA headquarters, beginning in May or June (start date is flexible) and will receive a stipend. The intern may gain up to 350 externship/internship hours toward licensure, depending upon their state Board of Pharmacy regulations.

The Summer Intern will be located in the Management Institute Department and will become acquainted with and also work with several of the other departments in NCPA such as: Communications, Government Affairs, and Membership Services. A five week and a final week report are required. The intern is expected to complete at least one project in a mutually agreed upon area of interest.

The purpose of the summer internship is two-fold:

  1. Provide pharmacy student with an opportunity to become more aware of the vast opportunities that exist in independent community pharmacy practice, and

  2. Provide an experience that demonstrates the importance of a national pharmacy association to the profession.

For more information, or to submit your application, contact NCPA Student Affairs.

Forms and Reports

Community Health Challenge
The NCPA Student Chapters Community Health Challenge encourages NCPA Student Chapters to promote health information outreach activities within their school and in their community. Formerly known as the Health and Wellness Challenge, it is an opportunity for chapters to target a single health issue of the chapter's choice and develop skills needed by practicing pharmacists. The intent is to encourage proficiency and outcomes. All active NCPA student chapters are eligible to participate. Only one application will be accepted per NCPA Student Chapter.

Forms and Deadlines Packet
This packet contains most of the forms, applications, templates, flyers and deadlines that you will need to manage your student chapter for the upcoming school year. Of course, if you have any questions that you don't find answered in this packet, please contact

End of the Year Report
The Student Chapter End of Year Report is used to determine the NCPA Chapter of the Year. NCPA recognizes the top three student chapters and the most improved student chapter at the Annual Convention and Trade Show in October. The winner of Chapter of the Year receives a cash award of $2,000. First runner-up, second runner-up, and the most improved chapter will receive $1,000, $500, and $250 respectively.

In addition to recognizing and rewarding outstanding NCPA student chapters, the NCPA Student Chapter End of Year report serves as an invaluable resource to NCPA. These reports help the association learn about chapter activities, share good ideas with other chapters and help continuously improve our student programming. Please email questions and submissions to

NCPA Legislative Advocacy Challenge
The NCPA Legislative Advocacy Challenge was created to gauge and increase the level of legislative advocacy taking place within each NCPA Student Chapter. It awards and recognizes each school's accomplishments. Submissions must be received by June 5th. Please email questions and submissions to

Mid-Year Report
Chapter Mid-Year reports help keep NCPA Student Chapters on track for the school year. Student Leadership Council Junior and Senior Members will provide feedback to the schools that submit Mid-Year reports, and let chapters know what they need to focus on for the rest of the year to be in the running for Chapter of the Year.

Grading Rubrics

Marketing Materials