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why your investment matters

Have you ever marched down to city hall or the state Capitol and stamped your foot and gotten exactly what you wanted?

Nah. Because it doesn't work that way—not locally, and not in Congress.

In our political system, there's strength and influence in numbers. That's why, when community pharmacists nationwide band together—when we pool our votes and our relationships and our checkbooks—we can get stuff done in Washington, D.C. Stuff like our retroactive pharmacy DIR prohibition bill, or our pharmacy choice bill, or our generic pricing (MAC) transparency bill, each of which is pending in Congress.

But we need them to do more than just "pend." We need them to pass. And to make that happen, we need YOU.

NCPA's Legislative/Legal Defense Fund (LDF) supports our entire advocacy operation: Research, lobbyists, attorneys, communications, the whole ball of wax. The better funded the LDF, the more resources and influence we can put toward getting our priority legislation passed and defending your practice in key litigation.

And right now, with the media spotlight on how PBMs add to rather than reduce higher prescription drug costs, the timing has never been better for us to advance that agenda. But it will take money.

Your one-time LDF investment of $1,000 (or a monthly investment of $100)—or whatever amount you choose—can fuel NCPA's success on key legislation this session, which will directly benefit you and your pharmacy.

Please invest now.