2019 NCPA Advocacy Center Annual Report

The 2019 NCPA Advocacy Center Annual Report is a review of the legislative, regulatory, legal, communications, and grassroots activities that NCPA undertook on your behalf in Washington and the states. I am pleased to report progress in building strong bipartisan support in Congress for our top legislative priorities, including bills that would: reform pharmacy DIRs; rein in the PBMs; allow pharmacists to practice at their full scope and get paid for doing so; and reform the pharmacy benefit in state Medicaid Managed Care programs.

NCPA members and the NCPA team testified frequently before many committees to ensure that your interests are represented on the issues most important to you. They attended hundreds of meetings with federal agencies, filed comments on proposed regulations, and had dozens more face-to-face meetings with agency officials to push your priorities.

We made even more progress in the states, where lawmakers introduced and/or passed new laws on Medicaid managed care, PBM regulation, scope of practice, and many other top priorities. NCPA worked with state legislators and agency officials, and dozens more local pharmacy groups and partners to make sure your voice was heard in the state capitals.

NCPA's communications and grassroots teams developed and executed highly effective national campaigns to build support for our positions and educate lawmakers, their staffs, and the general public.

One of our biggest victories of the year came late, when the U.S. Solicitor General urged the Supreme Court to hear Rutledge v. PCMA, the landmark case on which NCPA and the Arkansas Pharmacists Association have been working for years. In fact, NCPA has been fighting the PBMs in court for more than a decade. All that effort culminated this year in the Supreme Court's decision to rule on state authority to regulate PBMs. If the Court rules in favor of the Arkansas Attorney General, whom we are supporting, it could lead to more fairness, predictability, and transparency in the marketplace.