NCPA Staff Roster

Staff can be reached by calling the main phone number at 703-683-8200 or 800-544-7447 (toll free).

Executive Office
Facilitates the Leadership of the National Community Pharmacists Association in reaching the annual & long-term goals set forth in the NCPA constitution.
Name Title Ext
B. Douglas Hoey, Pharmacist, MBA CEO 2648
Patrick Berryman Senior Vice President and COO 2687
Beverly Martin Senior Vice President & Chief of Staff 2685
Jennifer Mallon Senior Vice President and General Counsel 1221
Donna Johnson Associate Director, Executive Office 1225

Manages all of the association's financial operations.
Name Title Ext
Stephen Albert Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer 2647
Sue Gerwig Controller/Senior Director of Operations 2681
Cleo Greene Senior Accountant 2675
Tynisha Mayes Staff Accountant 1224
Nicole Creek Cash Receipts/Accounts Receivable Coordinator 2641

NCPA Advocacy Center
Directs all NCPA state and federal legislative, regulatory, and political activities. Responsible for the content, design, and publication of all NCPA internal and external communications.
Name Title Ext
Karry La Violette Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Director of the Advocacy Center 1180
Jack Mozloom VP, Public Affairs 2606
Scott Brunner Senior Vice President Communications and External Affairs 1184
Anne Cassity Vice President, Federal and State Government Affairs 2682
Ronna Hauser, PharmD Vice President, Pharmacy Policy and Regulatory Affairs 2691
Chris Linville Director, Communications and Managing Editor, America's Pharmacist 2680
Adam Kennedy Director, E-Communications 2674
Robert Lewis Director, Design 2677
Jayne Cannon Director of Communications 2688
Matthew Magner Director, State Government Affairs 1186
Kala Shankle Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs 1178
Adam Harbison Director, Congressional Affairs 1183
Reema Taneja Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs 2669
Andie Pivarunas Director, Public Affairs 1174
Michael Rule Associate Director, Public Affairs and Grassroots 2671
Allie Jo Shipman, PharmD Associate Director, State Government Affairs 1179
Marianela Mayhew Manager, Design 2672
Daniel Finch Marketing Manager 2686
Lamar Gillespie Advocacy Coordinator 1182

Meetings and Conventions
Plans and manages NCPA's Annual Convention and all other association meetings and conferences.
Name Title Ext
Aimee Hickox Director, Conventions and Meetings 2693
Lois Davis Director, Conventions 2655
Nina Dadgar Vice President, Business Development 2673
Eva Jones Associate Director of Meetings 2670

Directs the association's membership retention and recruitment activities.
Name Title Ext
Stacey Loflin Director of Membership 2652
Cassandra Johnson Membership Manager 2697
Nina Dadgar Corporate Membership 2673

NCPA Foundation
A charitable organization that offers pharmacy student scholarships, disaster relief aid, community health campaigns, and programs that improve the success of independent pharmacy.
Name Title Ext
Max Daniel Program/Operations Coordinator 2653

Maintains the NCPA headquarters facility, NCPA database, and day-to-day business operations.
Name Title Ext
Ben Li Database Administrator/Reports Specialist 1175
Walter Cabel Building Manager 2692
Elizabeth Beard Receptionist 2600
Dachary Sampson Operations Manger 2642

Professional Affairs
Directs association activities at the intersection of pharmacy practice and long-term outlook on pharmacy ownership; includes HIT and pharmacy student activities.
Name Title Ext
Bill Popomaronis, RPh Vice President, Professional Affairs 2644
Lisa Schwartz, PharmD Senior Director Professional Affairs 2684
Diana Courtney, RPh Director, Student and Professional Affairs and Committees 1171
Leon Michos Healthcare Economist 1169

Strategic Initiatives and Business Development
Creates opportunities for NCPA members including live, online, and printed education, diversified revenue resources, and front-end and store operations programs. Connects business partner companies and NCPA members for their mutual benefit.
Name Title Ext
Kurt Proctor, PhD, RPh Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives 2676
Nina Dadgar Vice President, Business Development 2673
John Beckner, RPh Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives 2649
Bri Morris, PharmD Senior Director, Program Development 2689
 Gabe Trahan  Senior Director, Store Operations and Marketing  1170
Sue Hagler Director of Education 2657
Hannah Fish Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives 2695
Carlie Traylor Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives 2650
Whitney Lynch Manager, Business Development 2656
Kathy Doucette Manager of Education and Special Projects 1219
Sharene Brash Administrative Coordinator 2679
Elise Damman Executive Resident 1187