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by NCPA | Dec 15, 2016

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Pharmacist: Alyson Roby

Pharmacy: Medica Pharmacy

City, State: Bardstown and Bloomfield, KY. Springfield, KY opening in November 2016.

Years of Service 16

What led you to a career in independent community pharmacy?
My Dad has owned his own pharmacy since 1980. I worked for him throughout high school and college. Once I chose pharmacy he told me that if I worked for someone else that not only would I limit my salary to what they were willing to pay me, but that I would have to be the pharmacist they wanted me to be and that may not be the same as the pharmacist I wanted to be. I wanted the freedom to spend time with my patients that I needed, to be able to make recommendations, set private consultation appointments, and truly focus on improving patients' health—something I felt I couldn't do in a chain or hospital setting.

What makes your pharmacy standout from the competition?
We pride ourselves on great service. We offer compounding, DME, and consultations for weight loss, diabetes, hormone therapy, nutrition, and drug-nutrient depletions. Our pharmacists are all trained in alternative medicine options, are all Naloxone certified, and are all immunizing pharmacists. My technicians are all certified, they know our patients by name, and they are working hard on synchronization and medication adherence.

What are your biggest challenges?
PBM reimbursement, DIR fees, preferred networks, mandatory mail order, the coming of accreditation (which is noting we can't or don't already do - it's the money that will have to be paid to continue to do what we already do)

Describe a recent rewarding aspect with the patient.
I had a lady who had chronic hives. She was on 5 different medications to try to control them and she still had outbreaks. After inquiring when they started I found they started after she got a flu shot. I then consulted with her about what else was going on and what other symptoms she had. She scored high on a candida questionnaire so I recommended a supplement to kill off intestinal yeast, high dose probiotics, and 2 different types of digestive enzymes to restore proper digestive function and remove inflammation. After 2 weeks she was doing great, no hives or even a rash. 2 months later she was off all prescriptions and has not had a rash or hive outbreak since.

How has NCPA helped your business?
They keep us abreast of changes and important issues that pharmacy faces. They lobby on our behalf, and give us tools to grow, change, and succeed.