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by NCPA | Jan 11, 2017

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Pharmacist: Jenni Miller

Pharmacy: Nashville Pharmacy

City, State: Nashville, Illinois

Years of Service 19

What led you to a career in independent community pharmacy?
Growing up I was always interested in the medical field. My desire was a rewarding career in which I could help people to become and remain healthy, but dealing with blood was never in my future. Every time I would come to the pharmacy with my parents, it seemed like the pharmacist (Bob Schaltenbrand) was having such a great time and that caring for his community was more of a passion than simply a job. Experiences in the pharmacy, interest in science, and a desire to serve my hometown all led me to my career in independent community pharmacy.

What makes your pharmacy standout from the competition?
The most important thing we take pride in here is our customer service. In addition, we offer services such as DME, compounding, complete medication review consultations, and immunizations. We also offer a wide variety of front-end merchandise including premium tea from The Republic of Tea, greeting cards, and more. Working in such a small community our staff knows each one of our patients by name and, in many cases, has known them for decades. These relationships make our store special.

What are your biggest challenges?
Mandatory mail order, preferred pharmacy networks, declining reimbursement rates, PBMs, DIR fees, and accreditation requirements which act as a “gatekeeper” into markets are all major problems. Attempting to act as a messenger between insurance companies and patients also poses a challenge.

Describe a recent rewarding aspect with the patient.
I recently had a patient bring in a new prescription for Symbicort. The patient has a job outside the home, but does not make very much money. Unfortunately, she happens to make too much in order to qualify for public assistance. The initial copay came back to be $100, but I downloaded a coupon from the manufacturer to bring that down to $0. Not only was she very pleased and grateful for my assistance, but she is now able to breathe much better and her overall quality of life has improved significantly.

How has NCPA helped your business?
First and foremost, we trust NCPA to fight for us through legislative channels in order to sustain independent community pharmacy for generations to come. In terms of my business specifically, NCPA has been extremely helpful by providing new information and suggestions through emails and other publications. I also recently attended an ownership workshop through NCPA which was a great source of information. Finally, I would encourage all independent community pharmacy owners to check out the diversified revenues page on the NCPA website which provides great information on ways to expand your business and generate profits aside from the traditional dispensing of prescriptions.