Community Pharmacy Advocacy Weeks

NCPA's annual legislative conference is fast approaching. We are hoping you will join us in Washington DC and meet with your legislators, or their staff, to promote independent community pharmacy and seek support for legislative measures that enhance patient choice, mandate some level of PBM transparency, and remove artificial barriers that hinder the ability of independent community pharmacies to fairly compete in the marketplace.

If you are unable to join us in person, it is vital that you take a few minutes during the weeks of April 29- May 10 to make your voice heard and express the importance of independent community pharmacy in your state and Congressional district and legislative actions your elected officials need to take to maintain patient access to the quality care that you provide. We ask that you take at least one of the following actions:


  • Schedule an in district meeting with your Representative while they are home on their Congressional recess period. Please keep NCPA informed of all meetings that occur any NCPA follow up that is necessary. Please email this information to Michael Rule at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


  • Send an email to your elected officials through the NCPA Action Center that expresses support for pro-pharmacy and pro-patient legislation.

  • Post a comment on your legislators' Facebook pages asking them to support pro-pharmacy legislation (NCPA can provide you a sample and, if needed, the address for the Facebook page)

  • Schedule a meeting with your Congressman's district staff at their local office and tell the district staff the same thing other pharmacists are telling the lawmaker's DC staff.

  • Record a brief message using your I-Phone or Android phone. Upload and send the video to your legislators' staff. (NCPA can assist you with a script and email addresses for your members). Sample scripts can be found here (Must Login to NCPA website)

  • Call your legislators and urge them to support legislation.

  • Submit a letter to the editor—samples can be found here (Must login to NCPA website)

Successfully moving legislation that addresses the concerns of independent community pharmacy and the patients you serve, then your Member of Congress and your two Senators need to understand 1) that there is support back home for them to act and 2) further delay is unacceptable.

In order to maximize the effect of these efforts, please ask everyone on your staff to place a call and reach out to your patients and get them involved. The more contacts that are made, the more these issues become community issues rather than just independent pharmacy issues.

Please take time to make your voice heard during this week. It only takes a minute.

2013 Legislative Conference Brochure

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