Today's pharmacy students receive an extremely rigorous education. The doctor of pharmacy (Pharm.D.) programs equip students to practice clinical pharmacy centered on patient care. Precisely because the schools of pharmacy do such a good job of giving students a comprehensive education, some new practitioners are frustrated in practice settings that do not provide them with the freedom to use their clinical skills.

For years, independently owned community pharmacies have served as laboratories of innovation for the profession in the area of disease state management and niche marketing. Students who have the mind-set and temperament of an entrepreneur are in a position to take control of their career and develop a first rate community pharmacy practice allowing them to use their education to the fullest. This is a substantial advantage of community pharmacy ownership. These entrepreneurs can also expect to earn twice the salary of their colleagues in other practice settings while working fewer hours, another bonus. (Measure your entrepreneurship quotient today.)

So how much do these exceptional students know about what is involved in owning and operating a pharmacy? This survey was conducted to find out what courses are offered around the country that have a focus on entrepreneurship and pharmacy ownership, and we are pleased to deliver this information to the entire academic community.

Ten schools responded:

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