Why Attend?

Changes in health care delivery and payment have created important new opportunities for independent pharmacies. Shortages of primary care physicians and new interest in value-based networks have put pharmacy owners in a strong position to expand their pharmacies into profitable health care destinations and create new partnerships with other providers. Pharmacy owners who have successfully grown their practice and profits through clinical expansion are ready help you join the evolution.

Looking to grow your pharmacy with enhanced services, but not sure where to start? Look no further. The NCPA Innovation Center's Enhanced Services Boot Camp is an intensive course designed to help you navigate the operations and management of an enhanced service business. Our team of industry leader faculty answer the nitty-gritty questions about workflow, staff motivation, writing a business plan for enhanced services, and much more.

Discover how to:

  • Enhance clinical services and get reimbursed properly.

  • Better collaborate with physician practices.

  • Utilize pharmacy staff to optimize workflow.

  • Document clinical encounters with technology.

  • Plan financially for enhanced services.

  • Market your pharmacy practice to health care.

Get the tools you need to plan, execute, and thrive at our peer-to-peer Enhanced Services Boot Camp.

What Previous Boot Camp Attendees Are Saying:

"Great speakers, very informative, money well spent!" – Jen Hopple

"The program introduces the first real vision of how independent community pharmacists will survive in the future — even thrive." – Toni Sampter

"Boot camp provided a glimpse into the opportunities available to pharmacies. It created the challenge to take action." – Jason Turner

"[This was the] best workshop I have ever been part of associated with pharmacy & health care, and I mean the best ever in my 44 years as a pharmacist." – Charlie Barnes

"The networking opportunities were fantastic! We all were interested in improving our businesses and willing to help each other." – Patti Fubel

"Great program allowing us to move forward as a pharmacy providing "enhanced services" to make a difference." – Elaine Cashin