Survey: Widespread Under-Reimbursements for Tamiflu

by NCPA | Jan 26, 2018

Last week, after hearing stories of our members facing drastic cuts in reimbursements for Tamiflu/oseltamivir, we took a quick survey. The results confirmed what we've been hearing — and then some. We've been fighting PBM abuses for some time now, but being paid significantly below cost for an important medicine to treat the flu during the middle of a bad flu season sticks out as particularly egregious.

Almost 88 percent of those responding tell us that they've experienced multiple incidents of below-cost reimbursements on Tamiflu/oseltamivir in the past 60 days. Thanks to the 455 members who responded to the quick survey — your feedback helps us show the real-life impact of this important issue. And you can help: here's a link to tell your members of Congress how this issue affects your pharmacy.