CPESN® Luminary spotlight: Chris Antypas

by NCPA | Dec 10, 2018

Each week, we feature a CPESN Luminary, highlighting their important, ongoing work in local networks and why being a part of CPESN networks matters.

Chris Antypas is president and COO of Asti's South Hills Pharmacy in Pittsburgh – and a luminary of the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network. "Our network has demonstrated the true spirit of collaboration," says Antypas. "My colleagues are committed to working together – and helping each other to be successful. We are truly united."

"As a luminary, I'm working with our network leadership to bring additional payer opportunities to the network," Antypas stated. "I'm supporting this effort by evaluating opportunities and contributing to the content of our proposals. It's extremely exciting to see the payer interest in our network!"

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